Wednesday, November 23, 2005

recipe from mom..

Sambal for sotong/prawn/ikan bilis/petai

200ml cooking oil
70grms dried chillies
500grms onions (small)
100grms garlic
30grms belacan
200grms galangal (lengkuas)
50grms yellow ginger
5 stalks of lemon grass, use the base only
30grms buah keras

  1. Soak the dried chillies in warm water for 30 minutes. rinse and remove the seeds.
  2. Blend dried chillies, onions and garlic together with 100ml cooking oil.
  3. Blend galangal, lemongrass, buah keras, belacan and yellow ginger and 100ml cooking oil together until fine.

*use blender instead of pounding in order to get a fine and smooth paste.

*enough for cooking 3 portions of meat (about 1 kg each)


cheng sim said...

haha. take up mum's secret recipe now? u noe, i always copy recipes from the cookbook when i was in NS and told myself that i gonna learn how to cook once i got back. then when i got home, i'll always give myself excuses not to start up cooking. i think baking its much more easier for beginners like us. yeah, i shld take up baking!

Sammie~~!! said...

hehe..nah..i'm not that interested in making sambal..i just wrote this down so that my mom can read it online and send it to her friend..
baking is cool though :)

ChrisYuen said...

recipe for making maggi mee...
1.boil enough water to soak the mee(if use 2 packs,then pls increase water level) open maggi mee packing
3.once the water is boiled,turn the fire down and put in the mee
4.let the mee cook.use chopsticks to loosen the'll cook faster.
5.add the seasoning
6.cook the mee til it boils over.
7.pour the mee together wit da soup into a bowl.

and there u hav recipe for making...maggi mee...muahahaa!!!

Sammie~~!! said...

hahaha..thanks chris..
i'll remember these steps when i next cook maggi mee...=)