Saturday, February 25, 2006


well, i'm feeling loads better now...*big smile*

the chocolate fudge really brought me out of my funky mood, guys...haha...especially when Jt asked me to go down to Raspberry (cakehouse) to share the fudge with them...and when i arrived, no one was there...they had all gone up to class to meet me...>.<>

it cleared my head of negative thoughts, nonetheless...and when i got back to class and saw the mini party going on there, i felt like my old self again...!!!! woop-de-doo!!!

got amrail all worried too and the sms he sent me was so sweet...

"hey sam, u need someone to talk to? name the place and time, i'll be there.."

awww...thanks so much, big guy!! from both me AND one sick hoodless girl...

poor shaza has a flu, sore throat and fever...and yet still she insisted on watching the movie with me last night...*smacks shaza on the head..."I told u i could send u home wat...see!!! now u're sicker than u were before!!!"*

anyway, Casanova is an okay-okay movie...VERY predictable...but it has Heath Ledger in it, so i'm not complaining...*heeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee....saliva sprays screen*

i'm so glad i'm out of my bad mood now..!!! i feel like being silly again..!! SEE!! told u i'd get out of it soon...*points at no one in particular*

laa laaa laaaaaa.....*puts both feet up onto chair and giggles to self*


CD055-1 said...

the sentence "now u are sicker than u were last time!!!" sounds weird dontcha think?

Apocalypse_44 said...

lolz one thing i noe abut the old sam.... there wasnt that much of giggling or hee heeing.... sure or not u gone to normal...or just gone abit.... coook kooo in the head?. LOLZ chill lar sis. im glad to hear u ok,also glad to see you pull through unlike sum pathetic people i know......^^. Sam your strong remeber that girl,and no one can take your strength except choclate... those things make u weak...but happy ^^. Niway im happy your ok now sis.... stay cool k!!

Sammie~~!! said...'s supposed to sound weird...that's why i wrote it..haha..

amrail..thanks...i keep on thanking u and u keep on saying things to MAKE me thank
chocolates make me weak..yes...but english tea at the ice skating rink make me contented again...
yummy biscottis...

and i'm not cuckoo in the head la...just felt really happy that i'm back to normal...^^

CD055-1 said...

chocolate makes u weak? no wonder u refused my choki choki the other day~~~