Tuesday, September 5, 2006

my birthday pressies...!!!! =D

this is what aaron got me...and he says it isn't the last gift...*YAYY!!!* call me shallow, but which girl doesn't like presents? =P and although most guys won't admit it, if u forget their birthday they'll sulk quietly too..hehe..

i call my pig dumpling...*yes i still name my cuddlies* and aaron says it looks like me..

someone accidentally dropped Dumpling in the icing on my cake and he had red marks on his back..but jo and steph quietly sneaked him into the bathroom and with the help of ALOT of tissue and water and soap, they had him sparkling white again..!!! awww..thank u guys...=)

and this is what my dear friends got me..they threw their money together and bought me a DKNY BE DELICIOUS PERFUME!!!! i love!!!! i've wanted this perfume ever since i smelt it on a free sample in a magazine...and it smells EVEN BETTER now..!!

THANK YOU AGAIN, EVERYONE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! and i appreciate everything...EVERYTHING you've done for me throughout these years...we've been through alot, haven't we...=) which only makes us stronger...*hugs*


ever get the feeling of complete hopelessness and despair...knowing that there isn't a way out?

stupid toa and their new rules..

*sad-ing right now*

Sunday, September 3, 2006


Yesterday was the most touching and wonderful day i've had in my entire year...i celebrated my birthday with my closest and best friends and also my baby..=) thank u guys!!

so in short form *so as not to bore u*, here's what happened...

jo called me at 11am to tell me we were going for steamboat in damansara...aaron would pick me up and we'll meet up with them there...

jo smsed me an sms intended for steph, "Hahahha...steph! i told sam about the change of plans already! HAHhaha!! She fell for it!!" lol..

i got ready to go out and aaron picked me up at 6.30pm..

he asked me to take him to the bank...and so i did...

then we came back home...i was all ,"HUHhhHH??" *acting blur ma...=P*

everyone showed up at around 7pm...and scolded aaron because he was supposed to take me around until they set up everything at home...instead of them surprising me, i surprised them instead..hahaha...*kinda like ashlei's surprise party*

i played along and went upstairs with the girls where we sat a gossiped while the guys slaved away downstairs preparing the bbq...=)

aaron and simon did most of the work...awwww....the sausages were delicious!!! not burnt at all!! how DID they do it? =P

then foong vern received an sms from jo...she was to bring me downstairs and i had to close my eyes...but i cheated and peeked...hehe...!

there was my CAKE!!! all lighted up and glowing...with a BIG PRESENT sitting next to it...la la la~!!!

aaron bought me the cake...yummy almond..so gooooood...thanks baby!! =)

and on it was written, "Happy Birthday to the happiest girl in the world!" AWWWWW...*ivy adds in "U should see her during her moody days...hehe.."*

i opened my presents!! the big box contained a smaller box which contained a SMALLER box that held a small wrapped up box of.........

DKNY BE DELICIOUS PERFUME!!!!!!!!!! AAAAA!!! i jumped onto everyone hugging them and thanking them again and again....i practically knocked jo over with my enthusiastic humps...er..hugs...

after that, we ate and just hung out around the house...

then steph suggested a walk...and i said "OK!" but she complained about her eye being painful and asked jo to help her with the eye drop...or something...so i went outside with everyone and waited patiently while she got her "eye" done...

finally they came out and they were holding something behind their backs..i thought, "oh! goodie!! more presents?!" so we walk walk lor...

and i went ahead with aaron when i heard from behind me alot of commotion...i turned around to see steph running with dramatic speed towards me holding up what appeared creamy and soft...so i did what you would all do in that situation...i ran...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....*pant pant pant*.........aaaa!!

ke vin out ran me...wow..can he run fast...so left breathless with no where to run...i stood there and awaited my fate...

CAKE IN THE FACE!!! *splat!*

eeeewwwwwww.....luckily didn't go up my nose or i would seriously sue everyone...lol...

aaron helped me wipe the goop off my melting face and everyone stood around going, "Aaaaawwwwwwww..." tee hee hee...

after that, everyone left to give me and aaron some time alone...=)

THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! *for the party...not for leaving me alone with aaron..=P but thank u for that also...hehe...*


and to those who couldn't be there, jian png, francis, bernard, yi jiang and johanan...thank u for the wishes and love...*hugs!!!*

to those who WERE there, jo *who made everyone pay up for my WONDERFUL present*, steph *who maimed me with the cake* ke vin *who helped her with her evil deed*, lek ho *who ate and didn't help clean up..lol*, simon * who helped SO MUCH with the bbq*, foong vern *who took care of me throughout the night*, wuen li *who always gives the warmest hugs*, geraldine *who came eventhough she was sick with the flu...poor girl*, chee seng *whom i don't really know but came anyway...=)* and last but definitely not least..my baby aaron...!!! =) *who made me the happiest girl in the world!!* I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


Saturday, September 2, 2006


I love almost anything with salmon...!!!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Absense makes the heart grow fonder..=)

u know what..everytime i turn my computer on, i have this urge to blog about something...anything..but then i log onto blogspot, and my mind just goes empty..everything i write out seems stupid and not very interesting...so i log off in a huff and go to my room instead with high hopes of starting a masterpiece of watercolour and black markers....

but u know me lah...always got intention to do something *like wake up early and exercise every day/walk humper dog so my dad does not have to do it during the holidays/cook dinner for my family/start on my figures for next term's visual fundamentals class* but in the end, i don't do what i set out to do...

sigh..so sad...

ok..let's see how my 2 weeks of holiday went..and then at the end, we'll conclude on whether i have a life or not...=P

week 1, day 1 -

went out with Ivy..we went SHOPPING!!!!

new shoes!!! RM39.90 from Vincci..quite a bargain...little heels...*OooOoOoOoOOOooo..*

Spaghetti strapped top from F.O.S. RM19.90 for one...RM29 for two..

So i bought two!!!

week 1, day 2 -

went out with Ivy again...didn't shop much but we had a great time, doing sisterly stuff...

week 1, day 3 -

My parents brought us to a play at KL Performing Arts Centre (KL PAC). It was called Broken Bridges and was hosted by Touch Community..=) The acting was really good...and the singing!! WOW!! i didn't know Malaysians could sing like that...the actors were obviously voice-trained and boy, could they belt out those chords...i felt my face heating up though when a chinese girl started singing in a very chinese opera style...heh heh...guess i just can't get used to high pitch voices singing about love...*my face heated up as well when Snow White started singing "Someday My Prince Will Come"*

The performance was wonderful and i enjoyed myself thoroughly...along with my sister, dad, mum and auntie...after that we went for late night supper...hehe...i love hawker food!! If it ain't oily, it ain't yummy!

week 1, day 4 -

AHAH! Chrystal's birthday!!!! We went to red box to surprise her and wow...everyone can sing!!! not bad not bad!! Cal surprised me when he got ever so excited and started jumping up and down on the sofa...i turned to look at Sam, expecting him to do the same...but was distracted by William's shrieking into the mic...hahaha...actually, Shidio-ers CAN sing...but we prefer to howl and wail...

we celebrated James' birthday too..since we didn't get to celebrate with him on his actual day..i think he had a good time...=) But too bad everyone left early...leaving William, Sam, Royce, Ben, Jt, Shawn, Shaza and me behind with the bill...haha..kidding kidding...

after that,
Royce took all 7 of us to Settlers cafe in SS2..really cool place!! There are board games of all kinds from dota-like warrior games to cute cute farm animal games...and like Royce said in his blog..it was a have-to-be-there situation...i never laughed so much in my life! the games we played brought out the worst and best in all of us...

i shall NEVER forget the way Ben spat at Sam when he tried to snort like a pig...HAHAHaHAHAH!!

week 1, day 5 -

Aaron was supposed to come over but the clowds decided to cry so he couldn't...i was so dissapointed cos i was pretty excited to see him...after one whole week ma...i even got ready at 5pm and took out a dvd i wanted to watch...but then the dreaded sms tone boomed through my hollowed halls...sigh...i don't like receiving an sms from Aaron before he's supposed to meet me, cos it would either mean he'll be late...or he isn't coming after all..

so in the end, i dragged my family out to Old Town Kopitiam to drown my sorrows in a glass of iced white coffee...we met my sister's old transport lady there...it turns out she works there during the school break..wow...stamina!!! she kept on smiling at us at 1st and i was getting creeped out...why was she staring at me like that *as usual la...very perasan wan..think EVERYONE is looking at me* then i smile smile lor...then she approached the table...

i panicked of course!! suddenly old lady i've been smiling at come to talk to my family...what would she say?? "Sir..your daughter very pretty hor...i want to introduce to my son can ar? He very clever wan!! 26 years old only...still young...but got experience...so very good in bed.."


anyway, she recognized my sister because we always had trouble persuading her to go to school when she was young...she would cry and cry until her eyes are all red and watery...too ugly to go to school...so we let her stay home...>.<

week 1, day 6 -

YAYYY!!! Aaron came over early in the morning and we spent the whole day together!! =) so nice so nice!! we were invited to Amrail's bbq party that night, together with Shaza...and Amrail asked if i could so kindly make a dish, JUST IN CASE, there wasn't enough food...so i decided to make savoury potatoes and with the help of my mum, Aaron and i cooked up our 1st dish together...*big proud smile*

he was so excited about cooking...haha..so funny to watch him frying the potatoes with big hand movements...i felt very proud of him too...=) after cooking, we got ready and drove off to pick Shaza up...i excitedly showed her the potatoes, asking her to take a big whiff of the gravy (which spelt SO GOOD!!) and she looked at me like i was crazy...probably because i was trying to shove the whole pot into her nose...=P

when we got to Armanee Terrace, my jaw dropped...the place is so BEAUTIFUL...!!! it's like a private resort surrounded by trees and hills...and with The Curve and IKEA 5 minutes away, i was quickly dreaming up my future in Mutiara Damansara where i'd live next door to Shaza...everyday, she'd come over to taste my delightful cooking experiments...every dish would be perfect and i'd become known as "The Girl Who Can Cook"!!! with my own TV show somemore ar!!

after surrendering my driver's license to the heavily armed guard at the front desk, the 3 of us were ushered towards the bbq area where everything was already started...i proudly placed my potatoes onto the table among the other dishes... actually, i didn't even need to cook anything...there was already so much food...pizzas, chicken *abit burnt but nonetheless delicious*, another RIVAL potato dish *which turned out to be more popular than ours..huffs* and rice, salad, bi hun...and delicious tub of orange juice that never seemed to empty..hmmm...

Amrail looked really good in his white Indian shirt...i called him a walking towel boy and tried to make people wipe their hands on him...hehe...but everyone was on their best behaviour that night..so Amrail remained clean...=)

it was a great bbq party and we met people from Go Academy...most of them are outgoing and friendly...even his lecturers went!!! how come TOA lecturers don't come to our parties wan??? Anyway, met Syed, digi lecturer at TOA also...the Digi students' lecturer...he was very friendly and kept on asking me what i studied at The One...i kept on telling him, "Advertising and Graphic Design" and he would nod and ask some more questions before turning over some burning chicken on the pit...after he was satisfied that the chicken was not burning further, he turned back to us and asked again, "So...what are you guys studying at The One Academy?" >.<

AMRAIL, THANKS FOR AN AMAZING TIME AT YOUR PARTY!!!! *it would have been better if everyone attacked each other for more of my potatoes...but oh well...u can't win them all!*

week 1, day 7 -

ahhhhh...i relaxed at home...

week 2, day 1 -

aaron came over and we watched a movie with david and denice (pronounced the-nise, not the-nice). it was a chick flick, She's The Man, but i think the guys enjoyed it more than me..ha-ha..

week 2, day 2 -

i went with Shaza to Sense and Sensibility, the beauty academy next to TOA..we were supposed to help out denice since she needed models to practise on..and i got my very 1st professional make over!!! woohoo!!!

my Before photo..hahaha...i know i don't look like this usually...but i had very little sleep the night before...
the tools...so cool that it looks like our brushes and paint sets..

After 4 hours...with fake eyelashes and LOTS of mascara...i discovered my EYES!!!! and CHEEKBONES!!!!

weeee!!! make up and Sam!!!! Me with Denice..the whiz behind the brushes...SEE!! SEE!!! I HAVE BIG EYES!!!! *drools*

Week 2, day 3 -

It's SHAZA'S turn!!! heee heeee heeee heee heeee....Shaza's before...

With foundation on only half her face, who can tell the difference...argh!! Shaz!!! How come u got such good skin wan??!? ish ish...

Eye shadow for the blushing bride...yeap! Shaza is the model for bridal night make up!!! ooo...wonder how long it'll take her husband to get the make up off her on her actual bridal night...huu huuu huuu...=P

Annnnnnd....her AFTER picture!!! fuuyooo!!! still look the same wan....just got colour on the eye only...hahahah...aww, shaz...u were such a good model...u barely moved..=) and u look so the blushing bride...hehehe...


sorry that i don't have any pictures of Shaz posing...i left before she was done as Ivy had to go home to study for her exam on Friday...hehe...she didn't study much in the end....


Also, as it was Merdeka eve, i met up with my high school friends at night for the countdown..not as exciting as some of u who went to Pyramid to see the fireworks, we instead sat at a mamak chatting away until one of the mamak fellas shouted "MERDEKA!!!" sadly, no one stood up of cheered...aihhh...no merdeka spirit wan...

i told myself that if they played the Negaraku, i would stand and show my respect...but Tanggal 31 boomed through the speakers instead...so i never stand lor...

Week 2, day 4 -

was supposed to hang out with Amrail at his place but Shaza and Aaron couldn't make it so i planned to stay home to relax and catch up on my sleep but mum and dad had other plans...i was woken up at 11am by my mum banging open my room door..."Wake up, girl!! 11am already!! We're going to The Curve with ah kor today!!" "*groans*i slept at 3am last night, mummy..." "Who ask u to sleep so late?! faster bathe!! we leave in 10 minutes!"

wahh...10 minutes to bathe?!?! cannot la...i need at least 15 minutes to slowly wake myself up under the water...sob!

but miraculously, i managed to get myself ready in 5 minutes...and away we went...had lunch at some duck place...the duck was good but everything else was so-so only lor...wouldn't go there again...the food wasn't worth the prices they charged...

then after that, went to Borders to finish off the 15% vouchers my sister got for her Interact club event...i happily bought 3 books only to come home and realize that i already owned one of them...*GASP! THE HORROR!!* i had actually bought that book last week, but i forgot i did...SEE!! this is why we cannot buy new books within one month!! i'll forget what i bought before wan..!!

aihh...teruk teruk....

but nvm la..i'll give it to someone else who wants it..=)

and now it is week 2, day 5!!!

which is today...i cleaned up my house and my room today in anticipation of my friends coming tomorrow to "surprise" me...they are planning a surprise birthday party for me but Joanne accidentally spilled the beans....3 times!!! hahaha...anyhow..i'll be practising my surprised face tonight in the mirror...