Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i am cool person y'all!

i feel sick...feel like vomiting....eeeugh......*growl*

saturday comes a surprise may be...

i am bored...let's go shopping...

got away with murder...MUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

yuck..disgusting person is me...

parking spaces...oooo parking spaces...

me? mad?


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is today!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO ALL!! :D do u remember in high school, the best part about V.Day was the anticipation of waiting to see if anyone would buy u a rose, a box of chocolates or goodies wrapped in silver foil and be honest, i would stay awake all night on the 13th thinking about what I would say to that certain person IF he bought me something...every year, it would be a different boy i think fickleminded..

yes, i had boys on my mind...but not anymore! ;) my point is, the next day *the 14th of Febuary*, i would yet again be disappointed when the girls from the Interact / Leo / English Societies walk around with baskets of wonderful treasures and they never once walked up to me and presented me with anything... :(

ooo..but i waited...i always hoped that they either forgot or *enter crush's name* was too shy to proclaim his love to me in such publicness...but comes the end of the day, and i had to go home empty handed..sometimes my friends took pity on my pitiful state and plucked flowers for me from the bush beside the drain at the was really sweet actually...if i don't think about where the flowers came from..tee hee!

i have a point, i promise!

ok, this sister is in the Interact club, where cupcakes are made and dreams are dashed once again by such shy boys! *i blame you, cupid! so drunk on love that you end up shooting the wrong people again and again! >:( *

and this year, i had a hand in making said cupcakes! YAYYY!!! i AM a designer after all! so i took up the challenge and enthusiastically started stirring...

here's the recipe for those of you who might want to try this next year...

A simple butter cake
60 grams of sugar (fine not granulated)
75 grams of butter ( not salted)
85 grams of self raising flour
1 big chicken egg

here goes:

First add in the melted butter...DON'T melt it in a pot or worse, the microwave oven! Unless you want your cake to come out lum pat pat, then by all means...

Then you stir, stir, stir till the lumps are all gone!

Pour in the shughar! And take pictures while at it..
*note: sugar + butter concoction is really really good when spread on toasted bread*

Then comes the yellow egg

Fold it in nicely..when u lift the spoon, it should have abit of froth sticking to it...that's when you know the egg and butter is mixed properly.. :)

Stir again...

And now the flour..remember to sift it through so that air can get in..i don't know why people do this, but since it's written in the book, why fight it right?


* Sift sift sift*

Sifting can be boring so i tend to pretend i'm snowing some butter sugar town..just a tip!

And then you mix it all together once more.....

......until it gets creamy and perfect like this! don't worry if u break ur arm while's worth it..don't stop!

oh! and now's the slightly sticky part..plopping the mixture into little paper's fun when u're used to it...remember to use two to scoop up the mix and one to scoop the mix into the cups..

don't worry about kena-ing the sides..u don't have to wipe it off unless there's a lot of it...once it's baked, it'll turn crispy brown and u'll be able to scrape it off easily.. :D

Into the oven they go one by one...leave it in at 180 degrees, till it turns golden brown..

Just agak-agak la...i'm also not very sure how long..Ivy timed it but forgot the turn off the the timer ran for 2 hours and 45 minutes..that is NOT how long your cupcakes should stay in the oven ok!
*cue : Applause*
And now they're done! *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

Sometime we were forced to reject some cupcakes...because they looked messy and well, we were hungry..
and sometimes a little cutie like this emerges..hehe!

Time to decorate! YAYY!!
Be any designs u want...i used Nutella chocolate spread and lots of little sprinkles, icing sugar, hearts and silver balls..

Caryn had a special request of strawberry i tried it out with pink icing sugar..they turned out quite cute..thankfully.. :P

Then, Ivy and i had to wrap them up...these boxes cost around RM1.60 each...u can get them at any bakery supply store *We got these at Bake with Yen, SS2* ..OR u can just ask Chin Hou to mock one up for u!

Pack them all tight inside...

And tie a pretty ribbon around it..This cost RM2.50 per roll..quite cheap..good quality too.. :D

And there u have it! RM10 worth of work, sweat and sugar!
hehe...Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
*special thanks to those who bought from me..and to mum who helped out so much* :D

Sunday, February 11, 2007

OoOo..I hear wedding bells!

Yesterday, my cousin, Jason married the love of his life, Joyce..A big congratulations to both of you! May your life together be forever beautiful and never boring.. :D

Though I don't think it will be boring.. ;D

When they said their vows, everyone had tears in their wasn't the usual, "till death do us part" vows..they wrote their own...awwww!

SiiGgGgGhHHhHhhhhh...makes me want to get married too...Jules!! Hurry and find yourself a man so i can have my wedding!! *Juliana wants me to be her bridesmaid, u see..and u can't be a bridesmaid if u're already married*

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine and me

i realized that i've never actually celebrated Valentine's day properly...well..not on the actual day itself...we'd celebrate on the weekend after...u know..when the crowd dies down and everything goes back to their normal pricing...

but where got shiok wan...celebrate on the day itself only fun ma...together with all the other couples walking around in an expensive, lovey dovey daze...

this year i want a delicious dinner with lots of flowers and a romantic walk in the moonlight afterwards...see! i'm not high maintainence...if he brings me to eat chee cheong fan and plucks morning glory growing on the wall beside the stall, i'll still be long as it's on V.Day itself that it happens...haha!!

i also don't know what to get for him...caps, t-shirts and chocolates are over-rated..i need some new ideas...something sweet and inexpensive...hehe!

maybe i'll dress myself up in a repeated print pattern, tie a bow in my hair and plaster wrapping paper onto my lips...

hmmm...not a bad idea...

oh wait...i did that last year...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Be careful what u wish for..

i want something to impact my life...but in a good way...