Monday, March 26, 2007

A fight worth fighting for.

She closed her eyes in anger and tried to think happy thoughts. Why was he being so stubborn??All he had to do was tell her what she wanted. But damn it! He was being so selfish. Her stomach was in knots and the bitterness was threatening to overwhelm her entire being. She opened her eyes fiercely and stared into his eyes. He was so obviously wrong and the fact that he wouldn't own up to his mistakes was driving her nuts!

She took a deep breath and slowly unclenched her fists. Funny that she hadn't even noticed clenching them in the first place. She also unclenched her butt cheeks.

"It is well enough for you to say that what you say is truly something you would say if not the norm is untrue." She spat out at him.

He quietly wiped the saliva off his face with a spotted green handkerchief.


He threw the handkerchief out the window. "Could you repeat that again, dear?"

"It is well enough for you to say that what you say is truly something you would say if not the norm is untrue!!!!" She spoke louder.

He frowned hard, trying to make sense of her words. "Again, darling."


"Blimey! How many times have you rehearsed saying that?" he asked meekly.

"ONLY 5 TIMES!!" she shouted back.

Silence followed and this time she decided that she wouldn't be the one to break it. Not this time. Let him be the one who speaks.

The silence continued.

A bee flew into her nose.

DARN! She poked around with her finger looking for the bee. Can't a girl just look composed and civilised while in a shouting match with a man??!!

The bee flew out of her nose.

He stood very still. He knew that if he played his cards right, he would probably get out of this alive. And maybe they could still have the chocolate cake his mom baked.

But still she waited for him to speak. She's not going to back down now. Oh no she's not.

He looked her up and down. She has great legs. Too bad about the hairy armpits.

She raised her arms over her head as if to emphasize his point. If he squinted, she almost resembled a chimpanzee, with her red auburn hair.

What's wrong with his eyes? she thought to herself. Anyone would think he'd lost his glasses.

He sat down and picked up the paper, started to do the crossword puzzle.

She went into the kitchen to get herself a full fat, double calcium glass of milk.

He scratched his nose.

She scratched the cat.

The cat scratched her back. His nose did not.


She went into the garden to dance with the gnome. He watched her from inside and continued with his crossword puzzle.

5 across. 6 letters. Another word for group.


He filled it in.

She accidentally stepped on the gnome and had to bury it. Grumbling, she erected a tombstone over the grave and went back in.

So he still wasn't talking, was he. Well, she'd get her revenge sooner or later. She took a scissors and went into the bedroom where she proceeded to cut up a pile of clean white shirts.

He went into the bedroom in search of a can opener and thought to himself, "Oh no, she's started on the shirts." Better stop her before she starts eating the curtains.


AHHA!!! So he's admitting defeat is he?! She spun around, scissors in hand and a manic look in her eyes. "Yes?"

"Okay," he sighed. No point fighting it anymore. "I left the cap off the toothpaste last night. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

YES!!! VICTORY!!! She punched the air in ecstasy.

"Now what are you going to do about dad's shirts?"


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

** Warning ** Not for the faint hearted!

So i decided that i'm done ranting and i'm going to make my readers laugh again! Here goes..

Corel Painter is fun!!! Aaron installed it into my computer and i've been getting aqquainted with the "Distort" bursh...hehe!


1st I tried to make myself look more beautiful which wasn't hard since i am already drop dead gorgeous..

And then I tried to make myself ugly...
...which was harder...

and then for the fun of it, i edited Aaron and my Beaver...

"And so the woodchuck chucked wood at the wood chuck wood chuck chuck!"





Then I decided, "Nyeeehhh...What the heck! Not like i'm going to post them up anyway.." (hehe!)

and i went crazy with the whole Shidio clan...

It's really like playing SIMS!

And then I found some group photos!

And i made all of YOU ugly ugly people!!! Muahahahahaaa!!!

found out that even I can look pretty 1st i tried to make Ah Bun's eyes smaller...but the command couldn't work...frustrated, i tried again and again....
$^ @$$&%* #%& $@!
and then i realized that the command DID work...but Ah Bun's eyes were so small, there was no difference! YAHAGAGAGAAHAAA!!
Don't worry..i still have the original photo.. ; )
Some turned out looking scary...hehe..sorry William!

Oh..and then some ar...just look like different people altogether...

"I wantch tchoo khiss tcyouu!"
The End. Are you laughing yet? : )
ps : No hard feelings anyone! U know u all look like models to me... :P

Saturday, March 10, 2007


i can't seem to get over this insane jealousy of a certain someone...she seems to have everything fall into place for her *snaps fingers* just like that! i am jealous of everything she has...everything she doesn't...and everything around her...

this is ridiculous...i have so much to be thankful for...i am blessed with many wonderful people in my life...i am loved..i have a life...i have a future..

then why should i be jealous of this person???

easy...i shouldn't...

this is really a whole new feeling for me...yes, i've been jealous of people before...but for their material things!!! my best friend in kindergarten had more barbies than me...a girl in school had that new Converse cousin bought a new pair of boots for herself which is TO DIE FOR!!

but those are material things!!! they fade away in time...but not this..this...feeling i have over her...i can't seem to shake it off...leave it behind, he might look like it's a fairytale life from the outside, but a nightmare inside, she says....

and i know all that is true...i shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but rather investigate it slowly, delicately...get to know it a little better...and to be honest, i've gotten to know my jealousy buddy...she' be honest, her life isn't as awesome as i'd expected it to be...

and i thought that the jealousy would seep away...

but NO!! it's still here...consuming my life's getting so bad that i am thinking about her every night...what new glamorous thing she's experiencing in her life now...

help me. this cannot be healthy.

Monday, March 5, 2007

In the past week, I have...

....added a new member to my plushies family!!!

who's actually a squirrel...

but looks like a beaver all the same...
such CUTE teeth!!!

And...i learnt how to do markers as's the reference i used...cherries!
And here's my 1st marker piece! i'm very very proud of it! so if u have nothing good to say, just keep smiling at my naiveity ok? :P

Friday, March 2, 2007

Believe it or not!

hehehe...i beat william 2 games of squash..... :P