Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I will miss u

rest in peace, woofy...we will always remember you...u are always a good girl...i hope everyone in heaven is treating u as well as william treated u here on earth...he really misses u...now that u're up there, don't poop too much..don't chase too many birds...or they'll find u annoying after awhile...we love u, woofy...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I cleaned my room!

See! All clean and neat again!! Every term break, i'll do this...and every term end, it'll get messy again...

I love my new arrangements!!! So clean and accessible! Unlike last time when i had to mess up something to get to another thing...SOOO wasting time lor..

*I also framed a frog and stuck him on my door*

I'm on a diet

This is what i had for lunch :)


An amusing friend to have when u're in a silly mood.
The "One True Photographer" according to William.
Witty and talented.
Fast hair growth. =P
Happy 20th Birthday, Lord Swan!!
Will be catching up with u real soon!!
A silly friend to have when u're in an amusing mood.
Too much hair!!
Not much of a conversationalist.
Sleeps with his legs wide open.
"Humper Dog" according to the Shidios.
Happy 6th Birthday, Boy!!! I love you to bits!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mid Week Blues Buster

WEDNESDAY NIGHT was the BEST NIGHT i've had in a while...thanks girls!! it was so much fun!! =DDDDD
to be honest, i wasn't really up for a slumber party after my class ended on wednesday..as usual, emo again because i miss the shidios....but nevertheless, after a cry session at shaza's place, i was ready to have a good time...=) Thanks so much Shaz...i love u!

and it really was a good time for me..a great time in fact...jules, ashlei, shaza and i went to my condo first..we were to meet up with royce, chrystal and may afterwards..they were at royce's making dinner for us...hehe! and so the four of us went to Cat's Whiskers to browse around...i LOVE the clothes there!!! i wish i had more money with me...=P

after our little window shopping spree, we headed over to my condo and set up house..when i say "set up house" i mean jules hung up her dresses on my curtain rails, shaza warmed up the bed and ashlei started a conversation...we also tried on shaza's slutty hooker shoes..haha!!
shortly after, the others arrived and i wore shaza's slutty hooker shoes down to the lobby to let them in...i had to be really careful while walking down the stairs so as not to fall and look even more slutty with my legs wide open...=P

royce, chrystal and may came bursting out of the car loaded with food, clothes, make up, shoes and excitement...we were starving by then and we quickly rushed up to tear into the food..
there was SO MUCH FOOD!!! we were being healthy for the night...haha..ONLY for the night...and the 3 of them prepared salads, grilled (?) chicken, healthy snacks, drinks and salad dressings...SO YUMMY LOR!! who knew that popping baby carrots could be as yummy as popping chocolate buttons? =D


after dinner, we settled down and jules started the sleepover by plucking shaza's eyebrows...haha..shaz was really brave, she didn't scream at all...may, however, stopped julie after her eyes started to water...lol..plucking your eyebrows isn't as fun as it sounds...i was too much of a coward to try...so therefore, i still look like wolverine's little sister...

after royce had his shower, the real fun started...we played dress up!!!! it's been so long since i've done that...at 1st, i was a little skeptical..i was going to watch and not take part...but soon, i got excited when i saw everyone transforming into different people with just different clothes and make up...Ashlei's transformation was the best!!

here's Ashlei before...*hehe..sorry ashe...this is the only picture i have of ur before*

and this is Ashlei AFTER!!!! She's so beautiful....=)

Jules dressed up as a gothic prom queen who didn't win..lol...i think la...correct me if i'm wrong, ok jules? =) she looked really good too!! LOVE her hair on the side of her head...!!

Shaza had her hair curled and looked SO DOLL LIKE!!! SO pretty!!! She dressed up as Julie's doll...=D

Royce wore Shaza's skirt and *POOF!* became a gypsy woman with an "8" ball...lol..with his make up on, he looked exactly like his mom's twin...I love ur eyes, roycie!!

Here's Royce, Ashlei and I trying to look like this :


May became our photographer because she got tired of dressing up and instead wanted to try out Chrystal's camera...but before that, she was also a gypsy woman...no photos though...=(

Chrystal wore May's cheong sam and *POOF!* became instantly old fashioned..haha! Chrystal, u looked so good ok!! i don't know who u saw in the mirror but u look so pretty in a cheong sam!!

Here's Chrystal!


oh damn! i don't have that photo of Chrystal...it's in Royce's laptop so go pester him for it...ask him for the old fashioned "Camel" ciggarettes ad of Chrystal..=P
and I was a rocker chick..May did my hair and i love it!! I wish i was brave enough to wear that hairstyle to college...but i'm not...hehe! it was fun..though i accidentally pulled off May's buttons..i was wearing her shorts and i was too enthusiastic about taking them off...I'M SO SORRY AGAIN MAY!!! hope can sew them back on....>.<

Me in my rocker chick get up..May's shorts missing 2 buttons...

And here's all of us!! minus May the photographer...unfortunately the camera ran out of memory just when we started getting into the photoshoot..=P

Thanks for an awesome night, girls!! Let's do it again soon!! =D

Monday, May 14, 2007

So many things have changed...

i am SO SORRY for not blogging at all about our Camerons and Genting trips..it's not that i didn't have fun, guys..it was because i had SO MUCH FUN that i don't know where to start! u guys know my verbal diahrroea syndrome..

anyway..i want to first say a big THANK YOU to Jimbo for taking over the planning and doing such a GREAT JOB on it! *give urself a pat on the back, James!* i know some parts of the trip were a real German experience...but honestly, that restaurant MADE the trip, u know...hehe..it's such a laugh to look back and see how ridiculous it all was...and how polite we were to her...HAHAHA!!

and a big THANK YOU to u guys for driving us up there! i didn't once feel my life in any danger whatsoever.. =D Thank u Sam, James and Chris!! and Ashlei's parents for lending us the car...and Ashlei too for asking them!! =D

THANKS to Cal and his mom for getting us accomodations at the kampung house too..at 1st, i was a little creeped out...kampung pontianak stories came back from my childhood to haunt me...but i ended up loving every moment in that house..there was something about it that was very calming and i did not once feel scared at all...YAY!

the trip was really fun..i think it could almost beat Port Dickson on the fun level..hehe..only thing that keeps this trip from beating PD is the absence of Julie, Chrystal, May, Ke Xin, Ye Von, Jinq Yi, Ken, Shawn, Geri, Li Sian, Jia Ling and Chin Hou.. =(

Oh! and Ethan as well...though he never joins us for trips anymore..

But we got Shaza and Royce along this time..and those two put together makes up an entire camp of children..hee hee..

Ok..on to more important subjects now..

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY MAY WONG HUI SAN!!!! u were so funny today when u cut ur cake..lol..in AD581, another guy was celebrating his birthday too and all he got was a pizza...hehe! quite a cool idea..pizza instead of cake...
BE A WONDERFUL 20 YEAR OLD!!! *age is just a number..hehe!*

and I CLEANED MY ROOM AGAIN!!! it is now completely dust-free and neat and girly again..i am so happy...=D

i have also learnt how to photoshop with Adobe Illustrator..since my Photoshop has been erased off my computer 2 years ago...it's hard and there are limited functions...VERY limited functions...but i can change colour and crop and add funny effects, so it's better than nothing..

i think i'm getting lame in my writing...i feel so sien now...

EXCITED about sleepover tomorrow with the girls!! =D

i think i'm adjusting to my new class..everyone's really friendly and we laughed alot today, which i'm grateful for...they're not as quiet as i thought they were..in fact, they are all very noisy!! alot of talking and making fun of each other...almost like Shidio...almost...

i'll miss being part of AD0551... =(
i'm going to miss u all!!! being in class with u guys are NEVER boring and sometimes when i don't look forward to going to class, i'll look forward to seeing u all instead...cos everything is FUN whenever we're together...heh..feeling down about this big change....i just hope i won't feel left out when we get to have dinner or lunch together...i know that lots of things happen around Shidio and if i'm not there to experience it, i'll feel left out...*bleh! i sound so pathetic*

and STUPID...it's not like i'm leaving college or anything...i'm just like in a different class...like DG and AD...we're all still close...right? =)

and i'm going to make the best of AD0581! =D wish me luck, guys!! don't forget me!! *or i'll come lurking around the corner to scare u*

i know i don't say this often...in fact i NEVER said it before...but u guys are the best classmates anyone could ask for...u're all unique in ur own weird way...and i love that about Shidio...although sometimes when we work together, we get on each other's nerves and sometimes we really cannot tahan each other, we always get through it together and in the end, we forgive each other and are best friends again! =D

ok ok..emo post coming to an end now...i love u all!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cameron Highlands

There are lots more photos posted up on flickr..go and see..=)
here are the ones i edited..
nostalgic group photo


so beautiful..
so sam..