Friday, June 29, 2007

My favourite pastime!

I went shopping with Joanne yesterday to buy Aaron a pair of jeans..haha..he doesn't own A SINGLE PAIR of jeans believe it or not! All he wears are slacks and khakis...which is fine and all but i really do love guys in jeans..they look so casual and laid back and super cool!

Especially if they wear a loose white polo tee with it...*drool* so gorgeous like takeshi!!

Jo and i went to Pyramid because i thought that if we went somewhere nearer, i could come back early to finish up my magazine layouts for today's in the end, cannot wan...sure shop until beh tahan..too many things want to buy...keep walking around trying to think of ways to buy them with very little money...

ie : ask for employee discount / make friends with the shop people.. the 1st shop we walked into to find a pair of jeans, was Padini Authentics...*because it was right opposite Vincci's where we couldn't resist entering...must learn to stick to my priorities* and Jo and i walked in acting very CHUIN...i don't know why also...and i noticed this guy following Jo around...he was working there la of course...i don't mean to make him sound like some weird pervert haggling after her...=P

and he asked her, "Can i help u, miss?"

Jo replied *with a very CHUIN face* "No..i'm just looking, thanks!"

then she ignored him and he just hovered there looking a little bit helpless...

Jo called to me, "SAM!! This pair ok ar?"

All this while, i was following behind her looking at the guy's face...he was VERY CUTE!!!!! VERY NICE EYES!!!! SOMEMORE LOOKS SO CARING AND LIKE HE CAN TIE A CHERRY WITH HIS TONGUE, that sort of thing...

*not that i would EVER cheat on Aaron beacuse i love him very very much!* but he was just so eye candy-ish!! =P

so i went up to Jo and inspected the pair of jeans...hmmm..this pair not bad...quite hip looking..doesn't look too overcrowded with that wrinkled effect also...then came the problem...

What size does Aaron wear?? I never thought to ask him before...>.<

Then the SUPER CUTE SUPER TALENTED GUY (SCSTG) came up to us again and asked us if we needed help..cos we looked so blur and lost for a while...

and i told him that i needed to buy a pair of jeans for my boyfriend...*See! I told him i have a boyfriend so i am not cheating!* and i said i don't know what size he wears...

the SCSTG said "how tall is he? is he like around my height? my size?"

then i took opportunity to stand next to him and asked Jo if he was Aaron's height..hahaha...

and she said, "Yeah..around there lor.."

then ok! settle!! we will buy according to that SCSTG's waist size...hehe..not going to tell u what size he wears...

he even took the jeans off saying it was easier for us to look at it this way!!! *off the hanger..not off himself..i wish!*

the SCSTG was so wonderful amazing marry poppins pancake!!


i wasn't the only one mesmerized!! Joanne was equally taken on by him..we were both trying to act cool failed...

since it was the 1st shop we went into, we didn't want to make a rash decision and buy the 1st pair we laid eyes we told him that we'll come back later if that's the pair of jeans we settled on...then we left to walk around somemore...

after a few hours looking around, we decided that THAT was the best pair so far!! and it wasn't very expensive also after the discount...10%

we were thinking of asking that SCSTG for his staff discount...hehe! so we went back to the shop and looked for him..he immediately came up to us and said hello!! *hehehehe!!so cute!!!* then he went out with his Padini bag...
Jo and i were like, "Where is he going?? Don't tell me he went on his break?!??!"
We thought maybe he just left for awhile to go get something from the other Padini we decided to hang around and pretend to try on clothes...wanted to wait for him to come back so we could buy from him and give him commision...
but he didn't come back!!!
after hanging around for 20 minutes, Jo said :
"We go walk around 1st la...then maybe he'll come back later...cos takkan he go back's like in the middle of the afternoon..."
yeah hor...
so we went out and walked around...went to see Francis for awhile...=D so hardworking that guy standing all day in CK..serving rich people...hehe!
Walked around for almost an hour before going back to Padini Authentics...and...
we were so terhegeh-hegeh* in front kampung girls seeing a rock star...oh my embarrassing..i never thought i'd ever act like that in public...!!! but seriously lor...we both very SS** already...
* - means drooling, not cool and completely obvious unlike sherlock holmes.
** - stands for Sangat Stim!
We waited outside there for 10 whole minutes!! or could have been more...cos we were too embarrassed to go back inside...what must the shop people been thinking?!?!?! these two weird girls walking in and out, in and out..gosh so horrible impression!!
somemore got this other guy there that probably thought that we had a crush on him or something...and guess what??! he SAW US WAITING OUTSIDE THE SHOP!!!!! DOUBLE EMBARRASSED CAN MELT INTO SHAMEFUL PUDDLE!!!
but i was determined to buy the jeans!! we HAD to buy it no matter what!! so...after 10 minutes of hegeh-hegeh-ing...we walked in...trying to look undisturbed...i think we managed to...i was so afraid that when i saw SCSTG, i would burst out laughing hysterically into his
but it didn't happen...dunno why when we went into the shop, we both sort of sobered up and became cool babes with our swinging backside...=P
SCSTG came up to us again and we talked to him for awhile...i asked him if he would get commision if we bought from him...and he said no....and this is what i replied...
"NO AR?? Ceh!!"
-.- """"""""""
SO STUPID OK!!!! what kind of answer is that?!?! then what elsE??? i TURNED MY BACK ON HIM AND HAULED MY BACKSIDE TO THE COUNTER!!!!!!
: O
i immediately regretted that...i dunno about u..maybe it doesn't sound as bad as i think it does...but at the time, *and also now when i think back on it*, it was pretty bad lor!! i sounded so rude and uneducated!!
but he didn't seem to mind..cos he still continued talking to Jo and i..he said that we were sweet to think of giving him commision eventhough he won't be getting any...
SCSTG : sweet ar? want to give me commision...but i'm only working here until Sunday..after Sunday, Bye bye la!!
And Jo replied, "Why? You're leaving the country ar?"
to which he replied, "Nola..*bla bla bla bla bla...*
sorry..i was busy memorizing this i didn't really pay attention to what he was saying...=P
then we said "take care..and good luck..bye!"
to which he replied, "You too! Take care!!" and gave us a big sweet smile that can melt Snow White's stepmother's heart and make her call off the evil kill snow white and bring me her heart plan...
Change topic for awhile : Actually i come to think of it...Snow White's stepmother quite cham also...she doesn't have a good looking husband...neither is he good in bed...*proven because why else would she be so evil and unhappy if she was getting lots of hot sex?* and also she was once so beautiful...but her beauty had to go to waste when she married the old, ugly, bad-in-bed king...then suddenly Snow White grows up into this gorgeous I-want-to-kill-you-cos-u're-so-darn-beautiful babe...sure unhappy la...wouldn't you be?? so it's quite justified why she became so evil and ugly old witch hag in the end...stress can make u like that...proven scientifically, i don't stress or u'll become an old hag! yes..even the guys!
iyo..such a long are some photos i took of the jeans...Aaron doesn't read my blog therefore he will not find out...unless one of u tells please don't tell him...u have to keep this secret until i give him his present on the 30th of July!

Front view...can melt, thinking of Aaron in this jeans....*melts*

The super sexy side/front pockets has minimal detailing..but still looks like it has some sort of design influence...=D

Thie is the back pocket which prompted Joanne to insist that THIS is the best jeans in the world! She says that for guys, their back pockets had to be slightly lower than their butt line...OoOoO..!!
so that's it! i had a really wonderful time with you, Jo!! Everytime i think back on what we did outside the shop, i laugh out loud...=P so fun!! we should do that again soon!! this time bring all the girls out..sure super funny super lame wan...=P
SCSTG..wherever u are...if u happen to read my blog..u are HOT! If out hearts weren't taken already, we would be searching for you on friendster right did that...=P
hope Aaron likes his new jeans!!! =D

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

*Update on Publication Design*

So which cover do u guys think will score me points with Leon?
Cover 1?

Cover 2 ?
or Cover 3 ?
Contents still being constructed...this is super plain...i don't like it..

featuring Jenna Thompson..a brilliant photographer that no one has heard of...
probably cos she doesn't exist... :P

Tips and comments will be appreciated...

*photos are used for illustration one's identity is being exploited..
well, at least not on purpose* : P

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Magazine layouts that (have been / are going to be) rejected :(

*not yet rejected*

*Leon said this is too 1995*

*guess that goes for this as well*

*and this..*

but the good news is..he said this is DECENT WORK for a Year 2 student who hasn't done magazine layout before... =D YAY!! that makes me happy!

Say no to small aunties with gel pens!

i am so unproductive today..

the entire day to finish markers and what did i do??

go shopping in subang parade...


i hate being unproductive...i feel useless and a waste of life...i'd rather eat a lizard (eew.) than be unproductive....

hmm...well obviously that isn't true...because i didn't eat a lizard today...

i guess the reason for my unproductiveness was because i had so many other tempting activities calling me...for ruined shoe made me feel like going out to buy another pair immediately...and so i did...

at subang parade, this lady came up to ivy and i...

lady : *All super sweet and big bambi eyes* hello...please...a donation? please...only 1 ringgit...*thrusts a folder in our faces* see! see! help...please...1 ringgit only....

me : (being the kind soul that i am) oh..1 ringgit? okay....*digs around in wallet*

lady : are you student? *points to me*

me : yeah...haha!

lady : are you? *points at ivy*

ivy : ya!

me : erm...i only have 50

lady : don't worry...i change for u.....

ivy : oh! i've got 10 ringgit...*fumbles in pocket* here..

lady : thank you! nah..i give u gel pen...*hands us a packet of gel pen* and bookmark...*hands us a bookmark*

then she walks off!

LANDAYO!!!!! (which means what the fucuk in japanese) according to Wuen Li 's sister..

gosh...felt so mad after she left lor!!! felt so cheated!!!! and we were too polite to run after her...i really wish we did....

sort of like the Mario incident in Camerons...we were (again!) too polite..gah!


i guess we misunderstood her when she said "I give u gel pen...(hahaha! i take your money, SUCKAS!!!!) and a bookmark (U SO STUPID I WANT TO CHEAT YOU MORE MONEY!!)"

blacklist her ar!
i really don't like people asking for donations like that...somemore she asked us,

"Are u student?"

u shouldn't ask money from students!! we're just as needy as needy people can be!! ask some rich businessman please...he'll gladly give u 10 ringgit and ask you to go away...

sorry...i don't have anything against's just that i feel so cheated... was ivy's money...not mine...poor her...

oh yeah..this post was supposed to be about my unproductivity...

markers is 80% done...i guess that is good news? lol...passing up tomorrow at 2.30pm...guess i'll be waking up early to finish it off tomorrow...

blahh!! small auntie make me no mood..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Death of a shoe.

i was walking to my car after class the other day, ignoring the wolf whistles and stares i got from the numerous drooling men around the area, all begging a glance from me so that they would be able to flash their killer smile and win my heart, then ride me off into the sunset glistening over the Pyramid tower..........

ok..gone off track...*
but that really happened, i tell u..really it did..*


alright..was walking towards my car silently admiring the shoes of this lady in front of me, imagining if she tripped (they were so tall!! almost 4 inches!! almost!!) when all of a sudden!! *trumpets blare* she turned around and gave them to me!!! da dad dadaaa!!

mm..gone off track again...

ok..what really happened was I was walking to my car and i wanted to avoid this muddy puddle that pooled right outside the driver's side of my kembara, thus making it a horribly tedious task for me getting into my car...

and i was wearing heels, which didn't help the situation...>.<

so i opened the back door and dumped all my stuff into the back seat, rolled up my sleeves and expertly maneuvered my tiny butt into the front seat...*of course put backside in first ma..where got people put legs in first wan?*

MUAHAHAHA!! i got my butt in!! and all i had to do at that point, was daintily lift my feet into the car...but NOoOOo..I had to change from my heels into my driving slippers...and NoOoOoO...I couldn't do it IN THE CAR...i HAD to do it outside...dangling my feet above the muddy disgusting water...

Tra la la~!! *as ivy would say*

and so guess what happened? yeah..i dropped beautiful expensive shoe into disgusting muddy water.. =(

SO SAD NOW OK!! the right side of my shoe was completely drenched and yucky..all the drooling men there didn't help me at all...they just stared in horror and watched i'm in some "What WILL she do NEXT!" sitcom or something...

sigh...i loved my i have to buy another one...


Monday, June 4, 2007

i need...


Winning IS everything..haha!

I went to watch the basketball match at SS3 today..aaron's team was playing.. ;)

I am so proud to be cheering for their team..they won's a nice change..hehe...usually, i would be cheering and the other team would be winning...this time, our team had a good strategy and great teamwork...i am extremely proud! :D

no photos though cos i was busy watching the game...haha..for the 1st time, i was actually interested in what was happening... :P

the referree wasn't biased either and both teams played fair..the jerseys weren't a funny mud colour *t'was a cool orange shade* and there were enough good looking guys on the court for eye

i don't know why but everytime i see aaron sweating in his basketball jersey, i just feel like hugging him...hahaha!! i don't care how disgusting that sounds...u already read it! i like my sweaty guy.. :P

oh!! and aaron fell down during the match...he wasn't injured but when i saw him hit the ground, i wondered what that sound was and realized that my heart had landed on my shoes...


someone had pushed him and he tripped, landing on his right knee...immediately a scene started forming in my head...

"Sam rushes to Aaron's side, pushing all ka-la-fares out of the way. She wildly pushes his hair out of his face and asks him if he is okay. Aaron tries to speak but his knee is hurting him too much and he manages a wince. Sam screams to useless ka-la-fares, asking them to call an ambulance. A bottle of ice water magically appears at her side and she looks around for a cloth. Seeing none, she rips off her rips off aaron's shirt and soaks it in cold water.

Quickly and expertly, she wraps the cloth onto his swollen knee bone. Aaron manages a loving smile and whispers......"

"GO GO GO!!! DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PASS THE BALL TO RANDY!!!!!!!!!"

Hehe..i snapped back to reality in time to see Aaron pass the ball to Randy, who made the shot and scored... =D

I think basketball is interesting when you win...=P

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! See you at the finals!! =D