Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A lightbulb exploded in my brain!

I realize that my blog is so boring! rarely with pictures and lots of complicated words about my life which u don't want to read about also right?

so decided to change way of writing..thus MORE PICTURES OF ME!!

hahahaha *people gagging everywhere*

okay, i'm kidding..more pictures of everything illustrate what i feel..! WEE!! wait la..have to get a smaller camera first.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay! I know what you're all thinking! Lousy louSY friend never update, promise to update, then everytime i check her blog, still no update about special birthday celebration(s)! HATE YOU SAM! I HATE YOU!
*gets out angry mob kit*
i want to say i'm SO SORRY, everyone! My excuses are:
1) I've been abducted by Ronald Mc Donald and put to work in China earning 10cents a minute and I only managed to excape 3 days ago by sneaking past the guard while he was busily distracted by a yo-yo.
2) My fingers and thumbs refused to co-operate with me. Everything i wanted to write turned to mush as soon as my fingers touched the keyboard. You wouldn't want to read "Hasd bitday fin lot hapynss lvoes all!" would you?
3) My computer could not be turned on.
Choose one of the above.
I am sincerely sorry, everyone. I was fretting with myself every day, wondering when i would be able to redeem my lost soul wondering the blogging world.
Okay..some of you would be thinking, "WHAT THE..!?! Didn't i receive a testimonial from you 3 days ago?!! DON'T LIE TO ME, SAM!! I HATE YOU STILL!!!"
Well, honestly, i DID fix my computer a few days ago. (Mum has magic hands.Everything she touches WORKS! SWEAR!) And i immediately came online to send out testimonials on Friendster to most of you. After all that excitement, i was super tired because i was in class the entire day and i wanted to go to sleep. It was already 1am and my class the next day started at 9.30am.
(Yes, Sam has an excuse for everything.Teehee!)
And then the next day, i came home and started my blog entry..THIS exact entry in fact. But something happened that night. Something unpleasant. Nothing that you should be concerned about but thanks! :)
I couldn't continue my entry. The magic moment was gone, you know? I didn't want to blog about happy things when i was feeling like crap.
So i procrastinated until today! :p
AND IT WILL BE ONE HELL OF A POST! The BEST birthday post EVER! SO GOOD that even Kenny Sia will do a feature on me! Lol..okay that will probably never happen but we can still hope :)
*kisses monitor screen*
Here goes..
On the 6th of September, *birthday eve* Caryn and Ivy took me out!! They were so sweet okay! They planned it together online and told me to wear open toed sandals and to be ready by 10am. But of course, being me, I didn't listen. I just HAD to wear my new white shoes..All my sandals don't match my dress, you see. I wanted to look good on my birthday outing cannot? :p
But i WAS ready by 10am! I am very good like that.
Caryn picked me up and drove us to Ivy's house. Amazingly, she could remember the way! *YAYYY!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!* I found out later that Ivy told her specifically NOT to ask me for directions. Haha!
We changed cars at Ivy's house because only she knew the way to where we were going. I got to sit in front because i was birthday girl! YAY! Caryn generously got into the backseat with all of Ivy's stuffy animals. *hugs Caryn*
Ivy tried to confuse me and make me feel inadequate with her good sense of direction by constantly saying, "Ahah! Where are we now? You doooon't knoooow...." Lol..secretly, i really had no idea where we were but i wasn't going to admit that to her, so i pretended i knew exactly where they were taking me.
"You're going to take......THIS TURNING right?! (Just when she turned on her left signal) SEE SEE I KNOW!" I said confidently.
Five minutes of driving later, we arrived at the taman tun marketplace. The two girls kept teasing me saying that they were going to sell me off to some smelly old man. What use will he have for me, i have no idea. I can't cook, I barely clean my own room and I failed in sewing class. If he expects me to bathe him, he can go bathe himself! I don't want to touch your old wobbly bits, thank you!
Hehe! So evil!

i can imagine my parents reading my blog and going, "Then next time when we're old, how?? You won't take care of us?? Ungrateful daughter! Don't want to give you new laptop already!"

:p I LOVE YOU MUMMY AND DADDY!! i promise i will take care of youuu!!

Okay..shouldn't terpesong..Back to the birthday outing!

Ivy led the both of us to a hair salon and i was thinking, "Huh?! I already did my hair wor..What are you going to do, give me curly hair?!" *panic panic..but secretly pleased also*

When i stepped inside, Ivy announced :



My first manicure and pedicure......and i forgot to shave my legs........

*AHH!! HORROR!!* all the little sticky out hairs poking the poor pedicurist as she cleansed, massaged and exfoliated my hairy legs. so embarrased can cry!

But i didn't because i was so excited. *giggle* First time ma! So happy and kept on asking questions. Here's a picture of my happy face, sitting in the chair having my hairy legs massaged. I stole this from Caryn's blog. Wee!!

SO HAPPY!!! See because i was so stubborn and wanted to wear close toed shoes, Ivy had to buy me that slipper to wear after the pedicure. Little flowery slippers which now reside under my car seat for when i need emergency slippers. :) They are so confortable!

And then to our next destination! Bangsar village!!! I was busy cooling off my nails in front of the air con, when we arrived and i felt so jakun lor!!! FIRST time in Bangsar village you know!! GOSH!! So orangutan!!

They brought me to Alexis where Caryn pretended *or maybe she really had to go* to the toilet and she asked me to "teman" her. So i did, being the good toilet buddy that i am.

And when i came back to the table, Ivy was already bouncing up and down on the cushioned wall seat, discreetly signalling to the waiter to bring over my CAKE!!!! YAYYYY!!!!! It was the most delicious TIRAMISU cake ever!!! *Shaza, you HAVE to try this!!!*

Another happy face and delicious cake photo.

We were all being good girls so we ordered sandwiches and a salad which we three shared. So yummy and healthy! I am proud of myself. :)

The cake does not count because God is fair and will not give me extra poundage for eating birthday cake on my birthday.


After lunch, we did a bit of shopping for my birthday night with my high school best friends! I wanted to look gorgeous on my birthday so that when the papparazis all show up, i won't look like some old hag with flat hair.

I will look like a young hag with flat hair!


We walked around from tiny boutique to tiny boutique. The shops there are all so CUTE!!! Cannot stand it!! Must enter all one by one!! Aiyo the decor and the people in Bangsar village are SO WONDERFUL!!! *there i go sounding jakun again, must be cool!*

yeah..shops..walked around..not bad la...*with chuin face*

lol..cannot la! I was seriously impressed!! I didn't even mind the hot sun...well, sort of..cos the shops were all air conditioned and so lovely! But i couldn't find anything to buy... :(

SO disappointed! So many lovely shops and i couldn't find anything?!?! I WANT NEW CLOTHES!! Somemore made a big fuss about having no money and going to the bank to withdraw RM200..

Oh and yes! I got my ATM card!! It is indeed a day for FIRST time experiences! Ivy and Caryn were the ones to share it with me.. :) *HUGS BOTH GIRLS*

After giving up on Bangsar Village, we drove over to Mid Valley which was only 15 minutes away..*shocked face* I didn't know that! I thought it was damn far but 15 minutes later, we were there! SO FUN!

AND I BOUGHT 3 NEW TOPS!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! *happy glow!* FROM DOROTHY PERKINS!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! *grows halo*

The girls were so sweet was truly a birthday to remember..I LOVE YOU, CARYN AND IVY!!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME OUT AND LOVING ME TOO!!! :D *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs until intestines come out!*


At 12 midnight, i was with Aaron, Ivy (sister) and Jian Png (sister's boyfriend) We watched Black Sheep, THE STUPIDEST MOVIE EVER!!! GOSH CAN FEEL IQ DROP 2 MILLION POINTS AFTER WATCHING IT!!!

Felt so annoyed after watching it that i couldn't enjoy my midnight celebration with them.. :(

Aaron left at 12.15am after wishing me and giving me my first birthday kiss! hehe!

Jian Png left after eating a slice of cheesecake. haha!

The next day, i woke up, feeling very excited. Couldn't wait for evening to come when i could meet up with the gang for their planned dinner and surprise..i was feeling very touched because so many people cared about me and wanted to make me happy on my special day :)


At 7.30pm, Aaron came over to pick me up. I thought we would be going straightaway but he started making up stories about tummy aches and how he has sixth sense so he would know exactly when we would have to leave the house. Also, he kept fiddling with his handphone. At this point, i was very impatient already :p

Finally, at almost 8.30pm, he got a final sms and told me that we can now leave. (He said this very grandly, as if announcing a queen's presence) "We can NOW leave the house!" *trumpets blare*

He also kind of spoiled the surprise of where we would be eating because he did not know the way and had to ask me for directions. Lol. By the time we parked the car and reached the restaurant, everyone was seated and they had already ordered! -.- Never wait for guest of honour..these people..tch tch! But i guess they were all pretty hungry already :)

I started hugging everyone around the table. So happy to see them all because the last time we got together was a month ago. AND YI JIANG WAS THERE!!!!! SUPER LONG since i last saw him (when we took our SPM RESULTS AR!!) He still looks the same. Haha!

We ate at San Francisco Pizza, Taipan. Here's a group picture of us all :D

Yi Jiang is the guy doing the peace sign. Cute, Royce? :p

Everyone encouraged me to order the most expensive "chuin" dish there because i wouldn't have to pay for it. Lol! I was tempted BUT because i'm such a nice person, I ordered an ordinary dish. But now think back, Aiyo! Should have ordered that rack of lamb dish! :p
What?!! I would have shared it out!! i would!!

u know i would..

After dinner, the girls started cam whoring. No change there. Hehe! Every birthday, cameras would be working very hard.
And then Steph said she had to leave because her parents didn't want her to drive home alone so late since her tire exploded a few nights ago and she still haven't had it changed.
Foong Vern also said she had to go because she had early class in the morning. And Simon would be fetching her back, so he couldn't stay either.
double :(
THEN! Geri ALSO said she had to go....clubbing...
to tell the truth, i knew that the birthday wasn't really over...but i did not dare to hope too much because they were all so CONVINCING!!!
so oklor..hug everyone goodbye. Steph suggested that we all go hang out at Joanne's house instead of going home. Everyone agreed and i was thinking, "HAR!! Sure got something wan...HEHEHE!!!!!"
*Poor Wuen Li was sick. She was having the three musketeers, flu, cough and runny nose syndrome. But she was so sweet to come anyway. I LOVE YOU, WUEN LI!* :)))
Joanne followed me and Aaron because she said no one else wanted to give her a ride. Lol. When we got into the car, i started thanking her and telling her how much i love her, acting all lesbian and happy nappy pappy!
then she said, "Now you're gonna love me even more!" AND PUT TWO ROUND PAPERS OVER MY EYES! *make up all gone onto the could see the shape of my sepet eyes on it, really!* Then she kept her hands there and started giggling. She did not trust me when i told her i won't peep. *more giggles*
Then she pretended to have a conversation with me all the while using facial sign language to give Aaron directions to our next destination. Lol! I could tell because I felt a lot of movement coming from behind me. I giggled a little too.
*Very excited already*
Like Ivy and Caryn, they refused to answer any of my questions about where we were going and kept trying to confuse me. Aaron drove horrible senget all the way to throw me off the scent. What can i do, my directions so super mario geng! *grumble*
A few short turns later, we arrived at Joanne's house! Hehe! I could tell because Aaron did not make a U-turn at my school. Instead he turned into USJ13! SEE! My directions super mario geng or not?! wahaha!!
*This time is peeing in my pants excitement ok!*
SOMEMORE they made me wait in the car!!!! I cannot tahan already want to jump out and yell "SURPRISE!!" myself! Joanne made me promise to behave myself and keep my eyes closed. I didn't want to spoil my own surprise, so i did what i was told :)
But honestly, I was SO TEMPTED to open my eyes lor! I felt thirsty also, so i rummaged around in Aaron's car (cos his car always got water around somewhere wan) and took a sip. But i felt like i was being watched, so i acted like it was perfectly normal for me to drink water while blindfolded :p
After around 5 minutes *which to me felt like hours cos i was brimming over with hysteria and pee*, Joanne finally came to get me out of the car. WEEEEE!!!!
She led me into her house slowly. She was SO CUTE!! "Sam, walk here..slowly..nooo..there is nothing in your way...come....wait! don't walk there!! Erm...slowly....*she used her body to block me from bumping into her car* okay...STOP! OPEN YOUR EYES!!"
*heart pounding super fast now!*
I opened my eyes.
And standing in front of me was Ivy and Jian Png holding my favourite Opera Cake!!!!! Awww!! I totally embarrassed myself because I let out a laugh through my nose and accidentally blew out one of the candles!!! Pai seh or not?!! Haven't make wish already one candle gone! >.<
But brilliant Png re-lighted it by pushing it against the other candle and i could make my wish again! YAY!
But before i could blow out the candles, I had to close my eyes once again while they opened the door and let me into the house for my 2ND SURPRISE! AAAAAAA!!!!
Joanne led me in again :)
"Okay..this way, Sam..wait...wait there ya...don't open!! okay........*walks away* DON'T OPEN!!! *lights turn on* OPEN!!!!!"
AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Everyone was there!!!!!! Clubbing! Early Class! Tire Punctured! Kononnya!!! (Well, Steph's tire really blew out la but she didn't have to go back so early) And they were HOLDING BALLOONS AND A BIG BANNER THAT SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM WITH HANDPRINTS AND MESSAGES ALL OVER!!!!
well..i cry all the time so this was nothing new to them.. :p
And i remember that when i opened my eyes and saw everyone, I started screaming AAAAA!! and jumping up and down, one leg at a think back, must have looked so silly! >.<
See the big bear behind? That's my BIRTHDAY BEAR!!! From everyone!!! And those balloons that Foong Vern is holding? She blew them up herself!! So got saliva and DNA all!! I love love love it!!
Gosh but banner cannot see..Nevermind, u'll see it soon.. ;)
I did not see Steph at first because she was hiding. And so was Aaron. Awwww...

While we were posing for the above photo, Steph slowly walked out and presented me with the BIG BEAR!!! and i screamed AAAAAA! and jumped up and down again, one leg at a time.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Eh! Where's Aaron? BIG BEAR!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs bear tight never to let go again*"

And then Aaron came out from the kitchen and gave me a hug! :) He was holding purple flowers and a small box.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *hugs him excitedly!*

is that what i think it is?? A small box!!! That says "Lazo Diamonds" on the cover. A RING?!!

It IS A RING!!!!!!!!! *kiss!!!*

Geri kept asking us to kiss so that she could get a perfect photo of us. We had to do it again and again until she was satisfied. Lol! Thank you, GERI!!!! I love this photo!!!! I photoshopped the colour a little bit..HEHE! :p



Later, i found out that they were planning everything through email. SO CUTE LOR!! They used CC and BCC all...SO CUTE!!!

Everyone was there except for Lek Ho and Ke Vin, who were busy with some last minute plan they couldn't get out of. But they both wished me on the phone, which was sweet too! :)

Thinking back on this makes me feel like jumping up and down, one leg at a time and shouting AAAAAAAA! all over again! :p


Now time for presents!!!

This is from mum, dad and ivy. Mummy woke up especially early to pass it to me. I had morning breath at the time and couldn't kiss her properly. :p It is a gold bracelet which is SO GOOD for my skin tone!!! Never will i drop this down a toilet bowl!! I will dive down and get it back if i do!

My pedicure!!

And Manicure!!!!! French manicure is so cute!! Looks like my actual nails, but HEALTY!!! :p

I was so addicted to French Manicures that i went out and bought my own set of colours! Now i can French! Everyone can French!

Here's my BIG BIRTHDAY BEAR!!!! SO CUDDLY!!! Every night before i sleep, i would hug it and it feels just like i'm being hugged back! I couldn't ask for a better present from you, guys!! :D

And here's my ring!!!! IT IS A RING!!!! :D I love it, baby!! I have been wearing it everyday since I got it and it is also NOT going to fall into the toilet!

More pictures of my ring! :p It is a little small for my left hand but just nice for my right hand! :) Got little diamond also. Very small but it's there! Tra la la! :p

This is what Aaron's sister got for me! And I LOVE THE SCENT!!!! It's called "Love De Toi" by Morgan. And she said that it suits my personality! :D SO HAPPY!!! Therefore,i am flowery and sweet!

And Aaron's Auntie Mary got me this pendant. She said that instead of wearing my own letter, I should wear his instead to show that i belong to him. Awww..He should wear an S around his neck from now on!

Ivy and Png got me these sunglasses. Yeah, i know she already shared in with the bracelet, but sisters love each other extra extra much and want to give plenty of gifts wan. Hahaha!
*but i broke it a few days later SO SAD!!! I was trying it on and the side broke off! I cried in the car trying to fix it back with super glue but it wouldn't hold! :( I am SO SORRY, BI!! I will use hot melt glue gun!*

See my birthday bear so yeng wearing sunglasses somemore!

Shaza gave me this box of chocolates that are SO ADORABLE!!!!!! I really don't dare to eat them cos they are SO UNEATABLE!!!


SO CUTE RIGHT!! *Now left two only..haha! They were so delicious, i couldn't tahan! :p*

My birthday balloon!! Joanne and Steph went all the way to Ikano/The Curve to get it for me! :D Purple!!! My new favourite colour!! It's bobbing around in my room now. The first night, it scared me when i woke up to go pee. Suddenly see something moving at the end of your bed, not scared ar?!

I'm keeping all of Foong Vern's DNA Balloons as well! Waiting for them to deflate so i can keep them in my memory box! Now my room got rubber smell.
And the BEST GIFT OF ALL?!!!?
TADDDAAAAHHHHH!!!! MY BIRTHDAY BANNER!!!!!!! With everyone's handprint on it and a birthday message! I love this SO MUCH because everyone worked together to make it for me! :D Every handprint, letter and message has a story behind it. They asked me, if i were to choose between my birthday bear and the banner to save, which would i choose? I said, "The banner!!" Then Geri offered to keep my bear for me. :p
This birthday was honestly the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! You know sometimes when you are so happy that you feel you can die and wouldn't regret anything? :) i am THAT happy! But i don't want to die. :P
There! Finally this post if finished! It took me 3 hours to write and arrange so you better enjoy reading it! *Hugs to everyone!!*
Royce, i am still waiting for your present! No penis candy for me! :P
William, my cake!! For every day you are late, you owe me one slice! It's the 14th now, so you owe me 7 slices of cake! Almost half a kg already! HURRY UP!! :p

Monday, September 3, 2007

I am better now, thanks y'all!

Wee!! SO happy just to be able to walk around the house without that horrible pain..happy to be able to DRIVE again! Yer! Felt so hopeless lying around moaning at everyone and everything...

*mumbles* stupid coffee table unable to feel any pain....stupid fly buzzing around me making it look like i smell bad...stupid remote control not having any batteries and making me have to get my groaning butt off the chair to find a replacement....stupid stupid me nearly breaking my hand trying to open the battery drawer with Yoda's force...stupid cd for falling down under the couch!..stupid milk for making me PUKE!..stupid curry chicken that i CANNOT EAT! stupid stupid stupid........*the list goes on*

i have decided that being a perfectionist isn't a good thing when it comes to certain can annoy people who AREN'T perfectionists...because they don't understand why something has to be done MY way...

i'm stubborn..i am...
i was born stubborn...

when the doctor pulled my screaming head out of my mom, i was already stubbornly trying to get back into the warmth..

tee hee...funny image coming into my head...


i shall be more cincai about things..NOT MY WORK though...more of the housework and stuff...i HATE crumbs on the floor!! and everytime i see a crumb, i would blow through the roof and land on the moon! and when i SEE people dropping crumbs, oh..there's no telling what i would do to them if there wasn't a law stating thou shalt not hurt thy neighbours if they decide to throw tiny pieces of food onto thy flooreth..

i have a vision of myself in future, living with a mini battery operated vacumn cleaner attached to my designer handbag..super chic no?

well, crumbs or no crumbs, i would be more lenient to it from now on! VOW!

let there be crumbs!!
oh! i just heard a sound outside my room...

*goes outside to check*

YER! SO CREEPY LOR!! everytime i hear strange sounds when there's nobody home, i imagine a tall, thin man wearing a pinstripe suit with a lollipop in his right pocket, holding a big parang dripping with blood in one hand and a severed head in the other. like this.

turns out there are no serial killers nowadays who wear pinstripe suits anymore...i know because i Googled it.

i am smart, you see :)

i finally watched IT..the Stephen King clown/monster/giant spider murderer..

This cover is a fake one because i can't find the real cover anywhere!

i don't know what the big hoo ha is all about..i guess at that time of the century, it was considered a big time horror film..but times have changed and when i watched it yesterday, i found it so silly! not scary at all lor! the ending also so potong moment it is so powerful, the next, as meek as a baby after it has been fed and watered..

but i'm glad i have finally caught up with the world and saw make up though...doesn't wash off when it rains wan... :P