Monday, October 29, 2007

bad java

i lost my temper today..

lost it on poor blur aaron..

we were both very sleepy and i was trying to explain something to him but he couldn't get it..

i explained 3 times and still he couldn't understand..

i am getting too cheong hei for my own good.. :(

then according to him, i snapped and told him that he's not doing anything also, why keep on clicking the mouse?!!?? *EXPLODE!*

sorry baby..blame it on PMS..blame everything on PMS ok? i love u..


guys should get pregnant and have periods so they would know NOT to mess with a girl when she's hormonal..

and quit calling us sensitive! if we're not sensitive, we wouldn't be as loving or as wonderful as we are now..YOU *points to all male guavas* have to have more sensitivity for US!!

to all men who want women!

shower us with presents, hugs and kisses..never tell us that we're "over-reacting.." unless u want to be a virgin the rest of ur life..

ALWAYS tell us u love us and that u can't live without us. (even though u think u can, u know u can't really.)

wear deodorant and skip the sleeveless tight t-shirts please!

when we want to syiok sendiri and take photos of "us", just let us do it..don't complain that you don't "do photos"..

let us paint ur nails for fun occasionally..ESPECIALLY when we want to test out nail polish colours and our nails are already done.

pamper us with sweet words when we are backstabbed by mean bitches..tell us that she will grow gigantic warts and brocolli will come out of her ass..

don't compare our boobs to those owned by celebrities! will they let u touch theirs???

and last but not least,

please don't act like u can get all the babes in the world to sleep with is tacky and not attractive at all, regardless of what ur male posse says..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just in case!

in case u guys thought i forgot about Steph's birthday post, i didn't.. :)

got too many photos so i'll only do it when i have the time k...

*hugs everyone*

Happy Birthday Mellow!

Pictures from our little celebration :
this was supposed to look like sushi but the icing wouldn't harden no matter how many times i told it to.. :(
so turned out donut shaped cakes..hehe!
Ivy and i were supposed to reach class earlier so that Caryn wouldn't see us coming in with the cake, but silly mellow overslept and we didn't have to worry after all..
she came for class at 12pm..haha!

Then we went to Tony Roma's for a birthday lunch..We had CHICKEN CLUB SALAD which is always SO SO GOOD!! Ivy lighted another candle for Caryn.. :p

2nd wish of the day.. :)

I ordered brocolli and Ivy ordered mashed potatoes..
then we shared everything as usual.. :D

The staff were so sweet..they gave Caryn a card...

SIGNED!!! She'll get a free onion loaf when she goes there again.. :D

And the manager treated us to the delicious delicious CHOCOLATE AVALANCHE!!!
hehe..Ivy lighted another candle...

3rd wish!!
OH!! Ivy made her a card and we bought her a mini Anna Sui perfume too! i dunno why cannot upload.. :(
next time la.. :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it's a downer today...

i feel so sick of going to class everyday..

i think, "What is the point?"

i wake up, go to class, come home, nap, eat, do work, sleep, wake up, go to class, come home, nap, eat, do work, sleep....

i mean...why is it a cycle???

i am bored!!!

i want a change!!!

i realize that i feel this 'boredom' every once in i the only one or are there others like me who feel bored with this routine we call life?

the only fun i have is shopping and eating out and dates on friday nights..

where is the excitement??? this is supposed to be the prime of my life!!

20 and bored..that is NOT how i pictured myself when i was young...

PLUS! now i can drive..what's stoping me from taking a map and driving off towards China???
*well, not actually China but somewhere different from here*

i want an adventure!! i want to go hunt for cicadas in the peruvian jungle!!

i want to bake banana durian shephard's pie!

i want to meet someone famous and exchange lives with them!

i want to shoot a movie! or someone..

i want to experience life!!!

someone please come and save me...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Explaining myself.

i'm waiting for the file transfer from wonderful chin hou who came online to send it to me..THANK U, HOU HOU!! i'd feel so lost without Illustrator..YAY!

i was kinda in a bad mood today after Kins''s not his fault, i guess..he's just trying to be helpful and to teach us what are good and bad ads...but i felt that his critique session was so long and cheong hei... :(

and then he forgot what he approved and what he didn't approve...he was also a little mean when he told Jackie that her ideas weren't funny and that she doesn't have a single funny bone in her body..Yer..

he also said that my idea was common and very normal..sigh..maybe that's what made me moody also..when he said that, i could feel my entire face turn tomato flaming pizza red! i don't know if it was obvious or not..could feel my horns coming out d, cos i was burning up so fast!

and i remember that i couldn't concentrate on what he said because i was secretly willing my face to turn back to its normal colour...felt so hot and bothered..yuck!! :(

had lunch with ivy and yy at ichiban ramen where we teased ivy for not finishing her food..told her that her future husband will have pus and peeling skin on his face..muahahaaha!! because she ordered a japanese pancake with mayo and onion skin on top... :p next time must finish ur food ok ivy? :p

at first i didn't really want to go to lunch..i felt like going home and soaking my head in something cold to bring down my bad mood...but caryn left early and i felt that i should stay and eat with them since everyone was hungry..

glad i did though.. :)

sorry for being a grumpy betty today!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thoughts in my mind right now.

i feel so unmotivated to do my work now.. :(

like i told ivy and caryn, i am a useless chipmunk at night..

i really try to do my work, i do! i even took an afternoon nap so that i would have the energy bar of life..but when i woke up, i decided to have dinner...then after dinner, watch some tv...then after that come to the computer to do work...but end up chatting about random things...and NOT DOING ANY WORK!! *shoots chipmunk outside window*

sigh..everything is right beside layout pad, my 2B brain...

but nothing is being produced!

except crappity crapulicious crap!

i can't wait for the Raya holidays!

oo!! today, when i was in college looking into the auditorium for the Shidios, Yew Chin came out..and she said that i lost even more weight!


but i was thinking, is that possible? everytime she saw me, she said i'd lost weight...


Form 3 - i remember this was my proudest photo...omgosh!

And i asked Caryn, who said that compared to first year, first term...i really did lose a lot of weight.. :)

YAY!!! fat WAS i??

then tonight, Malvin msged me asking me to show him our Malaysian studies video of estate life..i tried to send it to him but the file was too big so i decided to just burn it and drop it off for him...

after i burnt it, i went through the video and YEAH MAN!!!

okay..not really fat la...but OH SO PLUMPISH!!!

Form 4 - okla..not that chubby in this photo! SUCCESS!

Form 5 - just look at my mango jelly arms! This is front view ok!! IMAGINE SIDE VIEW!! *faints*

like a turkey!! i was round all cute!!
but i don't want to be cute and round..i wanna be lean and hot!

Super fuggly picture of me. which u must forget about NOW!

chubby chubs!

I hate this picture because i look like an UGLY MAN!

diet day number 12...11th Oct 2007...ate a kit kat chunky bar during markers class...but it's not that fattening right? cos it's mostly wafer??




cannot forsake me after ugly photos are revealed wan tacky!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i am a superwoman!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Pink Story
Ivy, Caryn and i went for lunch at Big Boy's Taipan yesterday..and i ate a BIG BIG lunch!! Chicken topped with CHEESE AND MASHED POTATOES!! sigh so guilt-ridden now!
Then "horrible" Ivy suggested Baskin Robbins... :(
The witch in the gingerbread house shall have me for her dinner for i am fat and ready for devouring!


Ivy's happy
Gone in 60 seconds!
And then i went for dinner with Shaza, Chin Hou, JT and Jimbo at Sakae Sushi...yay! i didn't eat much there..only 2 salmon rolls and a california maki! WEE!! happy!
but then "fiendish" Jimbo treated us to Coffee Bean's chocolate frap!
but very yummy though! *struggles with self* THANKS JIMBO!

when i came home, i was very excited because my new DELL lappie was supposed to arrive!! AND THERE IT WAS!!!!!

but i won't. :p
Even found a similar pink coloured mouse to match my
RM25 only..Don't really know if that's cheap or expensive..hahaha!! but it's worth it to get a

I can't say it enough!! PINK LAPPIE!!!

*drools with happiness!*

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i suddenly miss u 3 so much!

Had a dream last night that we were back in Camerons..then Royce, you were playing with the bubble machine, trying to get it to work indoors...for some reason, it wouldn't turn on..but when u brought it outside, suddenly it could work...stubborn as a mule!
and u were fiddling around with it inside, while Shaz and i watched u fail and fail again..hahaha!!
JT was around somewhere but i couldn't see him..
it was so nice having us all together i barely see Shaz and JT anymore...
i want us all back together again.. :(
Royce, when u come back, let's just the four of us go on a road trip ok? :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ice cream treasures

*i'm the bored looking penguin next to hello kitty*
*ivy's the cat and caryn's the other penguin*
i don't care, i still think it looks like a penguin..what is it actually??

Mellow, i love ur photography!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This changed my life today.

Even If
Your heart is breaking

Your mind is unclear
You are tired and restless and full of fear
Come to Me-
Even if you say words you shouldn’t
You don’t do things you should
You doubt and try to change,but never think you could.
Come to Me-
Even if you thought an evil thought
You thought the thought again
You turned the thought to action and now you are bound in sin.
Come to Me-
Even if you say “But I knew better, I belong to You”
Child, I am not surprised by anything you do.
I made you in My image
I fashioned you with care

When you cried tears into your pillow, remember I was there.
I have always been and always will I be.
For even when you do those things, you still belong to me.
Even if you do these things, Oh child, don’t you see?
Even if, even if, you still can come to Me.

There is a secret place I have created where you may seek My face,
This place I have for you is called “The Father’s Warm Embrace”
And when I have held you in My arms and rocked you,
listening closely to your fears,
I will place you on My lap and wipe away your tears.
Then, I will smile.
A smile to let you know I am pleased.

For when you are hurt and when you sinned, still-
you came to Me.

So, do not draw back from Me my child,
I am Abba Father to you,
remember in My word I said -
Behold,I make all things new.
I will forgive you, heal you, restore you,I will shower you with grace.
I will never turn My back to you, but you will see my face.
On your journey home, when I see you I will run to you…..
Even if, Even if, My child, even if..just come.
Happy one year ten month anniversary, you!

sometimes you say the wrong things at the wrong time.

sometimes you complain about how much time i spend getting ready.

sometimes i complain that you DON'T spend enough time getting ready.

sometimes i annoy you by being a perfectionist.

sometimes you annoy me by not being perfect.

sometimes i get so frustrated with you i want to tear out my brains and feed them to the birds.

sometimes i don't like you very much.

and sometimes you don't like me either.


all the time, i LOVE your hugs, kisses and sweet words.

*because i always feel complete when i am with you*

all the time, i LOVE how amused you get when i tell u a joke.

*because you crack me up too when u fall off the bed laughing* :p

all the time, i LOVE it when you make a drink and give me the first sip.

*because it shows that u remember i am there*

all the time, i LOVE the freaky way you can move your ears.

*because my dad once said that only special people can do that*

all the time, i LOVE how much u love my dog.

*because i love my dog too*

all the time, i LOVE you driving down to see me every friday night.

*because friday nights are our nights, and we should be together* :)

all the time, i LOVE how your shoes don't match your outfit.

*because my shoes don't match my outfit either* :p

all the time, i LOVE your messy car, it's cacated air conditioning and untinted windows.

*because it is yours and you love it* :)

all the time, i LOVE you and i will never stop.

*because you told me once that we will always work things out and that you will love me forever, so i am holding you to that promise*

i love you, aaron wong.

gosh i'm such a romantic!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Goo-glee eyes

Happy 20th birthday, Joanne Teo Tze Ern!! *and also to Hillary Duff*

you are so very special to me..and you deserved your very special day! we love you!!

as are some of the classic photos.. :p

at 8pm sharp, Aaron, Simon and i went to pick her up and when she came into the car, we told her to close her eyes all the way to the restaurant. She was very obedient..good girl!

*okay, so lame title..*
when we reached the restaurant, i couldn't find parking and i had to park SO FAR AWAY from the restaurant! *geram* Poor birthday girl had to walk so i allowed her to open her eyes..we complimented each other on our dresses along the way. we are gorgeous!
my job was to lead her into the room without damaging her. *ie: tripping, falling on face and such*
*while waiting for me to bring her in, Ivy took photos!*
i made her a photo video of all our embarrasing moments together..Steph borrowed her dad's projector *SO WONDERFUL FATHER!* and the others stuck up mahjong paper on the wall to make a projector screen..*we are so creative and savvy!*
and when she came into the room, Bernard pressed play.. she kept on crying that i don't know if she saw the video properly or not..haha!
*Shaz, i got the photo video idea from YOU!* :)
* jo watching the video*

she didn't know that everyone was standing behind her and kept whispering to me,
"It's only us watching right? No one else right?"
HAHAHAA!! too bad, jo..all ur embarrassing photos are for EVERYONE to see!! :p
but u must still LOVE ME!

*jo hugging/crying on everyone*
*jo at dinner*
it was so nice having everyone there for her birthday. 3 different groups of people. the usual us, her college friends and Johanan and Yi Jiang *who don't usually join us but think that jo is very special!* :)
we had dinner, and eventhough it was a little bit awkward at first, everyone got on well together. yes, we must make new friends!
jo's friend, heryl is SUCH a gentleman!!!

EYERR! i don't know why the colour comes out like that..tried a few times already..sien!

*he's not blue in real life ok!*

then after dinner, we made her go around asking for her presents. She asked Simon first and he gave her this hint, "Stars are in the....?"

She ran to Sky.

here's where we KHK SOHO, puchong..see how the others decorated the place. SO NICE!! *proud motherly smile*
Joanne was laughing and crying throughout the entire night..
*typical jo moment*
*jo reading the notebook we made for her*
yeah, she cried again.. :p
we made her do a dare..
then we made her close her eyes again and tried to lead her to her cake, using only verbal instructions. SO HARD OK!!
*Sky led her to the wall*
*LOVE THIS PICTURE!!* i'm such a geng photographer! beh tahan!!!

*final group photo* :)

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY AGAIN. JO!! I LOVE YOU!!!! very glad that everything worked out and i'm so glad u kept crying because it shows how touched u really were with our effort.. :)

plus it gave me more material for blackmail purposes.. :p