Friday, November 30, 2007

This is what dreams are made of..

my dreams are all weird and funny nowadays..

i am searching for something..but i cannot find it..and i get frustrated and i blow up a ken doll..

i am trying on clothes but there are no mirrors and i cannot see myself...i get frustrated and i blow up another ken doll..

i am a man...and i scratch my balls...

i can smell something burning and i go to look for the source...i turn a corner and i see an eskimo burning a fish...a red indian is standing next to him telling him not to put too much salt...a deer sunbathes nearby...they all don't see me...i walk up to them and try to talk to them but they don't seem to realize i am there...i sit down next to the deer and then i wake up...

i can hover above the ground by sitting on a cushion and flapping my hands..
*i get this dream it a sign?*

i go to class and no one is there..i call ivy, no one picks up..i call caryn, no one picks up...i sit in class alone to one comes...i suddenly realize i am the only one in college..i go outside and the world is completely silent...i am the last person left on earth...i hear a sound behind me and i turn around...coming out of a red myvi is a cow...he says to me, "Hop in, babe! You and i will make sweet mooooosic together!"

i am in a shopping mall and i have lots of money but nothing is for sale...i try to steal something and i get caught...i escape and run away but i get shot in the backside..i go, "Ouch."

i think i need to clear my mind before bed..good night all!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Leaving reality behind..

Going to Camerons for the weekend really saved my sanity. After feeling so stressed out with college assignments, it was such a relief to leave everything behind and just sleep, eat and cuddle.. :)

Mummy and daddy were so sweet to invite Aaron and Jian Png along with us..they paid for everything and treated us to so many delicious meals..SUCH WONDERFUL PARENTS HOR!!

Can't wait for the Malacca trip in January!!!

The food post

On the first day, we had ipoh hor fun with steamed chicken for breakfast!
not at ipoh, but at SS15..
*proceeds to talk like food show host*
The chicken is lightly flavoured with a hint of garlic and soy sauce, the meat is tender and lovely to bite into. Big portions at low prices.
*gives a big grin to the camera*
First dinner at Camerons was the traditional steamboat. We tried to find one of those charcoal steamboat restaurants but they were hiding, so we went for the normal gas ones instead. Aaron and Jian Png were super full because they ate alot of fried sotong at the pasar malam..haha! I thought they knew that we were going for dinner but they didn't.
The food at Camerons gets cold quick so u have to eat it immediately.
Here are some other food shots..
My diet plan flew out the fun!
Chicken with curry leaves!!

Long beans with Belacan!!

Roast duck!!

Butter Cream Prawns!!

These are strawberry strudells mummy made with the strawberries we bought..SO WONDERFUL!!! puff pastries with strawberries and whipped cream...i could eat these all day long.. *munch munch*

Monday, November 5, 2007

November monsters




*will, i didn't forget ur are NOT answering phone when i call!!* :(

Everyone do the conga!!

chacha chacha cha CHA! chacha chacha cha CHA!!

banana sleepover

*having a blanket wrapped around us like a murtabak*
*kissing you late into the night*
*spraying air freshener dramatically around when you accidentally "let one rip" hahaha!!*
*telling silly stories to each other*
*smelling your neck after a shower*
*watching Oprah together*
*waking up with you beside me*
*laughing at stupid things like morning breath and the un-romanticness of it all*
*falling asleep again*

i love having you sleep over.. :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

don't eat salad before you sleep!

was quite tired after class today..but HAPPY because corporate identity mr foo foo's assistant has CHOSEN A LOGO!!! WEEEE!!! i love her and not him.

so i came home and took a nap and HAD THE MOST REALISTIC EXCITING DREAM EVER!!! but also quite annoying's what i dreamt..

i was at a shopping mall with my parents when suddenly my mom said to me,

"Girl..your flight tonight is a 7.30 right? You packed everything already or not?"

and i went, "HAR??!! WHAT?!?! WHERE AM I GOING??!!"

then like magic, i suddenly remembered everything..I'M GOING TO MELBOURNE TODAY!!!

*in my dream, i'm supposed to go with college Ivy too*

and i quickly checked my phone..there were 2 smses from her complaining that she felt very farn and didn't know what to pack..HAHAHA!!!

*slaps self* shouldn't laugh ok aqua woman!! YOU HAVEN'T PACKED ANYTHING ALSO!!

my parents all like very relaxed and drinking english tea while i panicked over there..i told them to drive me home so i could pack!!

it was already 5pm at that time..


when i reached home, i quickly went to grab bags from all over the house..suddenly got two brand new DAMN COOL bags in my parents tags on them reading Madam Cheong Hei's stuff and Monsieur Tan's knick knacks but who cares! I HAVEN'T PACKED AND FLIGHT AT 7.30!!!

so i grabbed the bags and proceeded to throw all the clothes i could find into them..


felt so ANNOYED!!! i told my sister, GO BUY ME NEW UNDERWEAR NOW!!! nice nice wan ya..don't want those weird designs of wonder woman what what la wan ok?

and she went..wah, so obedient!

then i dunno why but i had an urge to pack all my soft toys...oh stupid can i be?!!! no place to pack items i ACTUALLY need, but want to pack 100s of soft fluffy animals!! really must be a dream la..

then ar!! when i was finally done packing my useless things, i headed off to KLIA to check then it was already 7pm..SO LATE!!!!!!!! but in my world, everything works out well for ME!

i checked in with no problems..but i remember feeling very bad because i totally forgot that i was leaving today and had no time to tell everyone!!

ALSO, *i just remembered* in my dream, i was leaving the term HALFWAY!! like right now, halfway in the middle of 3rd year 1st term, i suddenly leave..that's what was happening in my dream!

and i felt so HORRIBLE because i didn't tell aaron ANYTHING!!!!! somemore, we had a date tonight and i couldn't see him since i was at the airport..

i remember Foong vern calling me also in the middle of my flurried packing..she started crying when i told her i was leaving that night..and she shouted at me damn loud that i am GETTING OLD AND NEED TO START KEEPING A OLD LADY CALENDER! BIG BIG ONE SO U CAN WRITE ALL YOUR NONSENSE ON IT AND WON'T FORGET EVER AGAIN!!

so sad..i was leaving everyone behind..and i had no farewell party...not like Royce's super posh dinner! *everyone, when i leave, must give me GRAND GRAND FAREWELL DINNER OK!!*

*sniggers happily*

oh! AARON!! forgot about him at the airport..i was looking around everywhere for a digi yellow man so i could call everyone and tell them i was leaving in 30 minutes!!



my parents were standing there talking about how their daughter so bad, simply take their bags to melbourne..

the frustration was making me melt puddles on the floor and i was contemplating buying a maxis starter pack for only RM199.90! (the sign there wrote, "Call your loved ones for only RM199.90 and tell them you are at the airport! then in small body copy, twas written, "the usual price is only RM9.90 but you so stupid follow digi man, now we jack up the price for you when you are desperate and pathetic!")

i took out my money and tried to pay the man...7.20pm already!! don't care la!!


the man handed over the starter pack to me smiling but i frowned at him because he so horrible want to cheat me!

and just when i dialled in the number and it worked and i started to call....

the line was ringing...ringing....

RINGING!! in my ear!!!

i woke up to answer my own phone in groggy voice.."hello?"

someone shouted back at me, "ANDY ADA TAKKKK?????"


very unhappy and unsatisfied now!! cannot even step foot in melbourne in a dream.. :(

like royce and shaz would say, "extremely pharqueshit!!!"

when the spotlight is on, i am empty..

Thursday, November 1, 2007

my territory

i've reached the edge of my childhood playground..when i realize that i have no more excuse to eat sand or catch butterflies in we must have a concept behind everything...

why do we eat sand?

why catch butterflies?

tell me what it symbolizes...

sigh..why is growing up so difficult? why must everyone backstab each other to get to the top? what is so great at the top? it's lonely..there's a strong wind and u might topple off..

and u also have to keep swallowing your saliva to make your ears go "pop"..

i want to experience life!!

i really do lor..i want to travel...i want to go swimming in the middle of the desert..i want to learn sign language..i want to sing in an unknown band..i want to touch a boa snake..i want to smell the great bangoose's feet..i want to sing songs with a flamingo..i want to taste the insides of a wild mango..i want to cry with a grieving family..i want to jump off the eifel tower..i want to fight for my life..i want to drink from the purest river..i want to kiss Fezz from That 70's Show..i want to ride an elephant..i want to wear jewels in my hair..i want to smell like a million bucks..i want to run from someone chasing me..i want to feel alive again..

could i be suffering from a mid life crisis?

i know that life is short..i don't want to wake up one day and realize that i haven't done anything amazing..i want to know that i have been impacted by life and that people have been impacted by me..that lives are richer when i walked in...

how is it that i am not satisfied with all that i have??

i am constantly searching for ultimate happiness..

and then what? when i find it, what will i do next??

i will never be satisfied..i will never be truly happy..

i have to stop, take a breath and enjoy what i have now..

and that is what i will do..

yes. that is what i will do.