Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 turning one year older

New year's eve was spent with the gang at Lekho's mum's condo in Damansara fun!! we could see the fireworks from 1U, Pyramid and The Curve!

we went for dinner at this wonderful place that i cannot remember the name off!! i think it was Bora-bora..or Bumbu-bumbu...or something like that la..

the food portions were quite tiny for all 9 of us but it was the company that made everything so enjoyable.. :D

there was a live band playing and they decided to dedicate a song to Foong Vern and Simon because they were standing there watching..

they said, "Let's play a nice song to the romantic couple over there!"

and FV screamed into Simon's ear and ran off! HAHAHAHAA!!!

aiyo..ppl wanna play song for u, dear...don't run off now.. ;P

i asked her, "What if Simon arranged that for u and he wanted to propose to you at that very moment but u run off like that?"

she replied, "I want fireworks with my name in the sky..MARRY ME, TAMMY!!"

LOL with ketchup on top!

After dinner, we went to the condo and hung out before midnight..Lekho made some prostitute jokes and Simon laughed so much that he knocked over a mug and we became cleaners..

surprisingly, it was the guys this time who did the cleaning up while the girls watched and made jokes.. ;p

sticky note-
Aaron wore new jeans!!! so cute!!!

at 11.30, we all went down and waited for the show to begin...Jian Png and Ivy were on their way and Lekho guided them to the 12 midnight sharp, they reached!! JUST IN TIME to see the super geng chao combination that flew up and rained down in slow motion!! SO COOL!!

after that, we went clubbing at Soula / Solar / Soul Ya at Damansara..there were surprisingly few people clubbing there and it was such a relief because there was actually room to DANCE and BREATHE!! entrance was free too so WEE!

i drank a little and Kevin kept knocking back the just kept on drinking and drinking..

Ivy's 1st clubbing experience..she's so cute when she dances!!!!!!!!!! Wuen Li and i showed Foong Vern some dance moves and she tried to copy us..SO FUNNY!!! *hugs foong vern!*

Aaron doesn't go clubbing much either but he got to see me party like a rockstar, he was shocked that his girlfriend is so hot wan..haha!! year's resolution, must stop talking so highly of myself...eventhough i'm so wonderful.. :p

after clubbing, we went to a mamak nearby to sober up..and then we left for home at 4am..SUCH a fun night!!! I can't wait to do it all again!! maybe on Valentine's day, guys? ;)


hot soup and uneven steps

i burned my face siao lor!!

i made a nice steamy bowl of maggie mee and wanted to eat outside in the hall when i tripped and fell, sloshing the soup RIGHT ONTO MY FACE!

so hot so hot!!!

i ran into the bathroom like i was chasing charlie cox and quickly splashed water onto my scalded face... :(

then i started crying like a baby..

my sister was right behind me when it happened and she says it was like everything happened in slow! she said she saw me trip and then the bowl went crashing down, the soup splashing onto my face as i lay there with my butt pointing to humiliating and NOT babe-like!

somemore i cried with big sobs and shaking shoulders.. :(

it was more shocking than painful, to be honest..suddenly one bowl of hot soup splash onto u, u would cry too!

ivy was so sweet, she quickly ran to the fridge and took out two ice cubes and wrapped them in a handkerchief..then she started to wipe my face... :)

i cried more and acted pitiful so she would feel sorry for me! ;p

thanks bi!! u're stable when i'm not! :D

Malacca 2007

Ivy, Jian Png, Aaron and i travelled to Malacca on the 27th of december for a short was a good trip, my sister's first road trip.. :) we drove the mighty kembara!

and stayed at the Puri Hotel which was SO BEAUTIFUL *apart from the fact that it's dee da*

our room was tiny but good enough..we shared a room, there were two single beds and jian png got a backache after the first! he bought a wooden massage toy and ivy became his masseuse..NOT that kind of masseuse!

crazy thing was we didn't eat any real good malacca food.. :(

we weren't familiar with the roads and every street was a one way abomination of we ended up eating wherever we stopped..but i did take them to the chicken rice shop the shidios took me to last year..only this time, it wasn't that nice anymore..the rice balls were machine made and it was all mashed up into balls..there weren't any rice particles left...just one big lump of white ball..

disappointing lor..somemore so expensive..RM49++ for kampung chicken, nga choi and rice balls *which were quite good la..only the rice balls were yucky*

see..lumpy white ball..

pictures look good though.. ;)
we went shopping around but i didn't buy anything..Jian Png bought 3 wooden swords for RM9 each..he was so proud of

at night, we watched movies *we brought along a dvd player and a handful of dvds :) * in our room and then we went out to the pasar malam..the food there is different from the food the pasar malam, i mean..

herbal tea eggs are PEELED cute!

french fries are sold with all kinds of flavoured toppings like mustard cheese and spicy pork sauce! cool hah!

the 2nd night, it drizzled and we had to walk back to the car so we had a romantic walk in the rain.. ;)

also we kena saman TWICE for parking without a parking ticket! RM30 each..which i ignored and threw away..oops..was i supposed to keep that a secret? :p
on the 3rd day, we went to the zoo where we burned in the sun while watching the animals scratch themselves..
we saw this giraffe family and the mama giraffe was chasing the baby around the penn while daddy was locked in the stables..mama got tired and stopped to rest but the excitement was a strain on her bladder so she started to pee..

the four of us stood there with our mouths open watching her...never before have we seen so much pee!
and then the daddy giraffe started to LICK AND DRINK HER PEE WHILE SHE WAS STILL PEEING!!!! how cool is that!?!! HAHAHAA!! i was so stunned i forgot to take a photo...regret regret!! Mama giraffe got pissed off and moved away from him with a look that said, "What are you DOING?!! Are you CRAZY?!!"

animals are so amazingly oblivious to being cool lor..which is why they are..

sticky note -
i actually argued lots with Aaron on this trip..being in close contact 3 days in a row and with all the stress of planning a trip made me grumpy and irritable..little things annoyed me and i would blow up at him..i was wound more uptight than a Bree on desperate housewives.. so shameful..

his patience wore thinner everytime i lost my temper and we got into heated 5 minute arguments, the end of which one of us would give in and say "i'm sorry."

the good thing about fighting though is the making up part.. ;p

and we made up alot..

hee hee hee..

going on a trip with jian png and my sister also made us all closer as an awesome foursome..png and aaron start talking less of dota and more of ACTUAL IMPORTANT stuff.. :p

we also got lost a couple of times but managed to find our way back each time..jian png would be the one to suggest asking for directions and i'm usually the stubborn one who doesn't want to because "i know best!" who said it was men who hate asking for directions again? haha!

because the weather was so hot, we sneaked into Equatorial hotel for a swim and i wore my brand new HOT RED SWIMSUIT!! we swam until we turned pruney and ripe!

i really enjoyed this trip even with all the arguments and giraffe pee..can't wait to go again with ALL THE OTHERS who fong fei kei-ed us this trip..NEXT TIME ALL MUST GO!

then u can show me where to eat the satay celup..hehe!

red and green

i met up with wuen li and foong vern for some girly shopping before christmas..
wanted to buy presents for people but ended up buying things for myself..tee hee and dances around.


"wow. that is one super hot swimsuit on you, sam!"

then u will drown in your own drool.

and it drained me off RM135..and that's only for the top half..the bikini bottom was a separate price so i didn't buy that..

merry christmas to me!

fa la la la laaaa..and all that cheer..

we had such a good time catching up and laughing at each other..i forgot how well we got along..everytime we saw each other last year, we were always focused on other things like birthday cake and funky parrots. this time, we could just relax and hang out.. :D
after lunch and shopping we came back to my house to bake cupcakes for our familes and best friends because we're such generous, loving souls..

make a wish and eat a cupcake! Aaron ate all the ones i made so a 100 points to me as Martha! YAY!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

we all have some catching up to do

this has been one perfect holiday.


the best thing about year end holidays are that other colleges are off too. this means u get to catch up with all your friends who you've missed before because they have different holiday dates than you.

and royce is back from melbourne which is PERFECT!! but so far, i've only seen him 3 times..once the night he came back *which he reserved for his special vanilla people*, 2nd time when he skipped work and joined us for shopping at sungei wang..and the 3rd time going out with all the gorgeous gorgeous people..

spending time with shaz, jt and royce is always an experience ;)

the 3rd night, we decided to meet up with winson and alwyn for dinner at a mamak stall near their place..and when we reached the place, the mamak guy led us to a long table at the back of the stall..he pointed to a plate full of roti canai and told us to "self service". i asked loudly, "WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO EAT ROTI CANAI?"

and everyone ignored me.

the rest took some roti canai and we all sat down..royce complained that it was cold and his cousin asked the mamak guy to heat it up..then someone complained that the table was dirty and asked the mamak woman to wipe it..she came and wiped it with a clean cloth but her face was sour apples..we were thinking, "so rude..."

then we got thirsty and the mamak guy came to tell us that they only serve teh o ais..

alwyn asked, "teh o ais limau?" the guy shook his head..

alwyn asked, "milo ais?" the guy shook his head again.

"teh o ais sajah!"

alwyn said "okla..satu.."

the others did not order anything.

when we were done eating, royce asked for the bill and the mamak guy said, "Tak apa boss"

we were like, "huh!?!! no need to pay??? so good?? what's wrong with the food??? why free wan???"

and then we saw the sign..


oh my gosh so malu!!!! people's open house and we walk in happily..somemore eat their food...somemore complain that it's cold and ask to microwave..somemore take more than 2 roti canai!!!! so embarrassing!!!!!

these kind of things only happen around us when we're one saw the sign!

smelly socks eat a bowl of bull's bollocks! wee!