Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Inspired to write

i had this dream last night..

i was at a restaurant with my family and this cat kept hanging around our table...
(the restaurant was one of those chinese ones with the red tablecloth and peanuts on the table)
AND THE CAT WAS INSIDE!! what is this..

i just ignored the cat at first..but it kept scratching me...
*kinda like Fezz at HQ*
and so i smacked it..
*like i smacked Fezz at HQ*
and instead of running away into a corner..
*like what Fezz did at HQ*

somemore the claws so kept coming at my bare legs..
i was wearing i could see where the damn cat scratched me..
bleeding ok!!!
i tried to run away from it but it's like super fast lightning stupid cat!
kept attacking me..

and then i woke up..
on the floor..

staring at Tabbies, my tabbycat soft toy..
oh the irony..

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