Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Real name:
Majestra Ollie Junior though i don't know why you guys call me Sam..
Sammie, Tan Ting Ting, Ah Sum, NOBF, Mui, Baby, Smelly Bolster, Crabface.

Nope. But i was born to be.. :D

Femme Fatale
High school:
SMK USJ 13, the classrooms don't have air conditioning wan..i only went there because i thought they had.. :(

The One Academy of Communication Design *graduating soon! YAY!*
Short or long hair:

Are u a health freak:
I try to be healthy! :D *munches on sugar-glazed donut*

6 WONDERFUL FEET! or is it 5?
Do u have a crush on someone?:

Erm..does Aaron count?
Do u like yourself:

When i wake up on the right side of the bed, yes..but then again, my bed's against the wall, so i always wake up on the same side..hehe!

Only my boring, i know, right!
Righty of lefty:

Lol! I was in Standard 5, to remove a lump on my wrist..eew!

Again? Only in my ears lor..
Person u see in the morning:

Like James, no one..everyone has left by the time this trooper gets up!

OoOoOo!! none that counts. :(
Sport u join:

Is shopping a sport? If it isn't, it should be! I'll be a champion! Did i mention i bought 2 dresses last week? :DDDD

Ruffles the Humping Wonder!
Lucky Three Dots..but she passed away a long time ago..I miss her..
Various turtles, rabbits and hamsters..but not anymore!

Yes, i would like one please! :D

Oh my gosh this is so embarrassing...Lea Selonga *a Phillipino singer* when i was 7..I AM WAITING FOR YOU, ONE REPUBLIC!
First crush:

Hahaha!! I'm such a slut! In kindergarten! I tricked him and kissed him under the mango tree.. :P

Nothing..but i devoured a plate of Char Kuey Teow just now..

I'm about to:

Stand up and sing the national anthem just for kicks!
Want kids:
If only it were that easy..When you get married, the pastor asks you, "Do you want kids together?" And you say "Yes! 2 would be great! One girl and one boy!" and he goes, "Alright, I'll have a chat with God, expect your first child in 9 months!"
and 9 months later, out pops a girl! Hassle free..just push your belly button and DING! Ready made babey! :P
But yala..ideally, one boy and one girl for me please! :D
Want to get married:

Like is said, i was born to YES YES YES!! MARRY ME, BABY!! *in 6 years time la ya!*
Careers in mind:
Photographer! Wedding planner! Food packaging designer!
Which is better?Lips or eyes?:

Both are equally wonderful..IWANTBOTH!
Hugs or kisses:

Hugs are sweeter!
Shorter or taller?:

As long as he's taller than me, that's fine.. :D
Romantic or spontaneous:

"Spontaneous romantics rock harder." I COULDN'T AGREE MORE, JIMBO!
Sensitive or loud:

Sensitive..but not to the point of teary eyed koreans ok?
Troublemaker or hesitant?:

Troublemakers la! Hesitant so boring..
Have u ever....Kissed a stranger?:

Hmm..the kindie boy was kinda a stranger..hehe!
Drank bubbles:

LOL!!!! NOLAH! Siao!
lost glasses/contacts:

Many lost contacts roam my bathroom floor :(
Ran away frm home:

Haha..tried to when i was a overly dramatic korean teenager.. :p
liked someone younger:

liked someone older:

I thought Aaron was older than me when i first met him but kononnya same age..
Broke someone's heart:

Sadly yes..but he's MUCH happier now! :D
Been arrested:
Nope..i am a good citizen of the law.
Cried when someone died:

Yeah.. :(
Do u believe in...Yourself?:

I believe that i can make delicious pasta!

OH YES! I always get tummy aches and God miraculously makes them dissappear when I ask Him to.. :D

Santa Claus:


Fireflies can light up their butts..that's magic to me..*emotional music starts to play*

Answer truthfully..Is there someone u want to be with right now?:
Yes but he's so far away.. :(
Do u believe in God?:
Tag 5 ppl:
1) Royce cos he'll answer through his Royce-tinted glasses and crack everyone up.
2) Wuen Li cos she HAS TO!
3) Foong Vern because it'll be interesting to know how she'll answer the "kids" question.
4) Caryn cos i she'll probably have pictures supporting her answers.. :P
5) Joanne Teo because she hasn't blogged in FOREVER!

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